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August 18, 2023

6 Time-Saving Cleaning Tips for Busy Professionals: Quick Chores Before Heading to the Office

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Osi Egwuogu

No one took the time to warn us about certain aspects of settling into professional life, like juggling demanding work schedules with personal or family commitments while maintaining a clean, organized, and healthy living space. The biggest challenge for most workers is figuring out how to tidy up quickly just before dashing out the door in the morning. Our cleaning tips for busy professionals are just what you need to get that situation sorted.

And if you’re looking for motivation to keep a tidy home, here’s one; the state of your living area directly impacts your daily stress levels and productivity at work. Studies have demonstrated the positive impacts of a tidy home in reducing cortisol levels, better known as 'the stress hormone,' and, by extension, the stress levels in busy professionals. 

In this blog post, we will explore time-saving cleaning strategies that'll help you establish an efficient cleaning routine so you can enjoy a serene living space, a corresponding reduction in your stress levels, and increased productivity at work. 

1. Set A Cleaning Schedule

You can never go wrong with a cleaning schedule, well, unless you don't follow it. Establishing a cleaning schedule for busy professionals is one of the most effective ways to maintain a clean home while managing an overwhelming work schedule. 

You can carefully tailor this schedule to your needs and your time constraints so that it runs like a well-oiled engine. For example, you can do most of your cleaning at night if your days start very early, or you can move them to the early mornings if you are an early riser who doesn't have to get to work so early. 

Consider categorizing the tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly chores to manage your cleaning responsibilities effectively. Dressing the bed, doing the dishes, and vacuuming the general living area must be done daily. The weekends can be used to clean the bathrooms thoroughly, do the laundry, clean the coffee maker or microwave, and vacuum the entire home. Decluttering, deep cleaning, and other demanding tasks like mowing the lawn can be executed once a month. 

The schedule should depend on your daily needs and living conditions. An adequately made schedule will also ensure you find time to enjoy other aspects of your social life so that your life doesn't revolve around work and home alone. In time,  the schedule will become an established part of your routine that you can carry out without much thought.

2. Start Prepping From The Night Before

declutter workspace

The nights before work days are crucial to your preparedness for work and can often determine how well your day starts. Preparing for the next day will significantly ease the morning rush and help you start on a smooth, stress-free note. Here are some of the night-before cleaning tasks you can do before going to bed:

  • Selecting Outfits: It always sounds cliché to do this, but picking your outfit or knowing what to wear the night before reduces the decision-making time for the next day. Ironing your outfit the night before would also be a great idea. 
  • Setting the Coffee Maker: You can prep your coffee maker and set it to start brewing at a preferred time, so you can wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. You'd want to set the coffee maker to some minutes before your alarm goes off so that you can walk into a kitchen for your rejuvenating cup when you defeat the powers of sleep.  
  • Organizing Work Essentials: You can take a few minutes to think about the documents or items you'll need for the next day, then gather and organize these into your work bag or briefcase before you sleep. This will be useful in ensuring you are ready on that front and will also help you remember to add any items you forgot to add at night when you wake in the morning. 
  • Charging Electronic Devices: It can be frustrating to leave your home without fully charged devices, and it is often disruptive to power them up at work. The best time to charge your phones, laptops, and tablets after a long day is at night. You'll wake up to fully charged devices and that sweet “fully charged phone” feeling. You know the one we’re talking about. 
  • Sorting Mail and Paperwork: You shouldn't bring work home, but if it inadvertently follows you home, the best time to respond to emails or sort files will be the night before. Your home workspace will be clutter-free, and your mind will be at ease as you sleep.

Small as they may appear, these quick cleaning chores and efforts cumulatively save your morning time and set a positive tone for the day ahead. Start trying them out this night.

3. Have a Morning Cleaning Routine

Your morning cleaning routine will significantly influence how your entire day pans out. You can do some chores every morning that won’t take much of your time. You'll find these generally easy and quick to do, and as a matter of fact, you'll love doing them. Here are some fast cleaning tips for mornings;

  • Make the Bed: Starting your day with a simple task, such as making your bed, ensures a tidy bedroom. Making the bed in the morning contributes to a sense of accomplishment and positively impacts your mood throughout the day.
  • Tidy up Surfaces: Just before breakfast, spend a few minutes decluttering surfaces like kitchen countertops. This quick surface cleaning makes your space look cleaner and helps you find what you need more efficiently.
  • Quick Vacuuming or Sweeping: High-traffic areas can quickly accumulate dirt and debris and will benefit from a fast floor cleaning. Tidying these areas by swiftly vacuuming or sweeping in the morning ensures that your floors remain presentable and free of dust and dirt all day.
  • Empty Trash Bins: Remember to empty your trash bins, as lingering odors can quickly take over a space. Regular morning trash disposal prevents unpleasant smells and maintains overall cleanliness.
  • Load/Start the Dishwasher: If you used dishes the night before, load them into the dishwasher and start it before you leave. Walking into a clean kitchen after a long day at work can be incredibly refreshing. You'll reap massive benefits from embracing this simple morning dishwasher routine.
  • Quick Pet Cleanup: For pet owners, a brief cleanup of pet fur and messes can go a long way in keeping your space clean and inviting. Pet cleanup in the morning will also promote your pet's daily health. You really can't go wrong with it.

4. Organize Your Entryway

Your efforts at starting your day the right way can all be reduced to nothingness if the entryway is a terrible mess. Creating an organized entry can save you precious minutes in the morning. Investing in storage and decluttering solutions like hooks, baskets, and shelves to keep shoes, bags, and coats neatly arranged along the entryway can benefit you. 

You can also choose to totally clear out your entrance and store those items elsewhere. This should help set the perfect tone as you leave and provide a beautiful sight for tired eyes as you return because a tidy entryway is just the best first thing to see when you get home.

5. Invest in Smart Storage Solutions

storage solutions in entryway: quick cleaning tips for busy professionals

As we mentioned earlier, one of the many ways to ensure that your cleaning routines are hassle-free is by organizing with storage solutions that are smart and efficient. Efficient storage solutions play a pivotal role in maintaining an organized home. 

Consider using storage bins, drawer dividers, and labeled containers to keep items accessible and in order. These efforts maximize storage space which helps minimize clutter and promote a tidy living environment. That way, even when you feel overwhelmed with work, your home doesn't add to the stress but instead reduces the effort required to maintain your living space's tidiness.

6. Delegate Tasks

If you don't live alone, then there is no reason why all the cleaning responsibilities should rest on you alone. If you live with family members or housemates, consider delegating the cleaning tasks fairly to everyone involved. Sharing the workload will not only make cleaning more manageable but will also encourage a sense of teamwork and shared responsibility. 


Incorporating the time-saving cleaning tips outlined in this article into your daily routine can lead to a consistently clean and organized living space, even amid a busy professional life. The recommendations, like setting a cleaning schedule, taking care of tasks the night before, implementing a streamlined morning cleaning routine, using smart storage solutions, and delegating some tasks, can help create serenity in your environment, reducing work stress and improving productivity. 

Remember that these don’t have to be grand gestures. Small efforts done daily can, over time, lead to a consistently tidy, enjoyable, and harmonious living space. You can also choose to outsource these tasks to professional cleaning teams, thus freeing you up to face work and other aspects of life squarely. The welcoming and stress-free ambiance you will achieve by following these recommendations will support your well-being and success in your profession.

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