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December 2, 2022

Ultimate Checklist for Airbnb Holiday Hosts

Written By
Osi Egwuogu

The holiday season is well and truly here, and as people begin to travel again in droves, it is time for a surge in the patronage of Airbnbs. Your Airbnb holiday hosting expertise this season will be determined by how you prepare your space for guests traveling long distances to be with their families.

Travelers will want to feel at home in your rental. Nothing says mi casa es su casa better than a warm, inviting holiday-hosting Airbnb that caters to their accommodation and relaxation needs while in town. It also bodes well for your income and ratings when your holiday guests experience the homelike warmth and holiday air in your rental this holiday.

There are Airbnb holiday preparations that can help make your Airbnb one of the best-rated around. These preparations are easy to plan and execute, so you can effectively cater to your holiday guests without breaking a sweat.

We will help you with ideas to prepare for the many guests you will entertain. We will also offer you the option of enjoying the best cleaning service in your area.

Airbnb Holiday Hosting Tips

Here are some of the most trusted Airbnb holiday hosting tips to help you host give holiday guests a memorable experience in your space;

  1. Start planning now

You have probably started planning to make the best of the season while making out ample time for your family. If you are yet to begin planning, we suggest you start this moment. You should carefully mark out the dates you are available to host, so you don’t overbook your rental space. This will help you afford the time to enjoy your holiday season as much as your guests enjoy theirs. You can sync your other calendars with your Airbnb calendar to avoid any clashes. 

Knowing the holiday events billed to hold in your area will also give you an edge. This information will help you determine the optimal times to host guests who will likely be traveling for those events. 

  1. Create a holiday-themed package
Merry Chrismtas pretty paper bags

A clever way to increase your bookings for the season will be to incentivize the listings with items and services that make your guests feel at home. You can call them your Airbnb Holiday packages. These items will justify your prices and make you stand out. Interestingly, they’d only add a little to your spending. 

Some of the things you can boost your bookings with include:

  • Holiday movies and sports channels
  • Free hot chocolate
  • Holiday meal recipes
  • Free welcome gifts
  • A list of the best spots in your area
  1. Protect your rental from damage

It is impossible to monitor your space for damages while your guests are in without invading their privacies. You can take specific measures to protect your property from damage in non-invasive ways. Several methods, such as smoke detectors, noise monitors, sensors, and other security measures, forestall preventable damage. It also helps to keep an inventory of items guests can damage and cross off this inventory before guests check out. These measures will ensure that a sense of safety and responsibility is adopted by guests even while they enjoy their hard-earned holidays.

  1. Decorate your space
christmas golden bulb hanging on a tree

Your guests deserve to feel the holiday coziness and spirit, and you don’t have to break the bank to provide this. You can get a small artificial tree and decorate it with ornaments and faux presents. You can hang some stockings over the fireplace and flower wreaths over the doors. Don’t forget the lights and lawn decoration. Guests love the lights. These touches will magically transform your space and make your guests enjoy a memorable stay. The inside scoop is that you can use the same decoration for several guests. How good a deal is that?

  1. Use some holiday scents.

Some smells can easily make your guests feel right at home the moment they walk through the door. Get some unique scents commonly associated with the holiday season, such as sugar cookies, gingerbread, cinnamon, fresh pine, and snow. A slight touch like this will make all the difference and bump your chances for a higher rating.

  1. Make your space cozy.

The temperatures at this time of year are so low that they sometimes translate to low moods. You can add some comforts to your Airbnb rental to ensure your guests do not freeze out. You can provide stacks of firewood for the fireplace, candles, and plush blankets to provide some warmth to the place. You can also ensure that your heating is working perfectly and that the interior designs and fittings are all heat-conserving. This will make your turnover rental holiday hosting experience worthwhile. 

And finally…

Clean! Nothing boosts ratings more than a rental that is spic and span. You can easily outsource your Airbnb cleaning needs to the best hands in Atlanta. Clean Tu Casa will treat your rental space with the professional touch and expertise required to stand out in readiness for a new set of guests. You can go through our Airbnb cleaning checklist to get familiar with our services. Don’t forget to give us a call when you’re done!

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