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January 12, 2023

All the Best Ways to Store Christmas Decorations

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Time to pack up your trees and decorations. The holiday season is slowly coming to an end. It’s time to start stressing over how best to store Christmas decorations, or are you one of those who just stuff all the decorations into one box and forget about them until next year?

Storing your decorations improperly will lead to clutter and chaos when it is time to bring out the decorations again. You could even damage some of the ornaments. To avoid this, it is essential to store your decorations in a well-organized manner so they can remain in good condition for the next time they will be called into action.

You know we always have your cleaning and organizing concerns at heart. So, here are the best ways to store Christmas decorations. 

Tips for Storing Each Christmas Decoration

  • Artificial Tree

Option 1: Cardboard Tubes

If you want to keep your artificial tree from getting damaged while in storage, consider using cardboard tubes. You can buy two or three 8-inch diameter tubes at any home improvement store. Wrap each layer of the tree in twine and then gently shove it down the tube. You can mark the layer numbers on each tube, so you know which order to put them together when it is time to set up the tree again.

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Option 2: Tree Bag or Box

This is another storage option for your artificial tree. These bags or boxes are made from durable materials like canvas or plastic. They come with handles or wheels for easy carrying; some even have compartments for storing tree stands and additional branches. They are effortless to use and available in departmental stores.

  • Ornaments

Option 1: Color-Coded Bins

Color-coded bins are a great option if you have ever wondered how to store nonbreakable Christmas ornaments. To keep your ornaments organized and easy to find, you can store them in clear bins after sorting them by color. This sorting process will make it simple to find the right colored ornaments for your tree or garland when it is time to set up again.

store Christmas decorations in bin

Option 2: Ornament Organizer Box

If you prefer a more customized storage solution for your ornaments, One Good Thing By Jillee has the best DIY storage option. You can make your ornament organizer box using plastic cups and a storage bin to create a layered system. Since you’ve probably got loads of plastic cups from the holidays, this is a great way to reuse them and prevent waste. You can cut two pieces of cardboard to size and attach the cups to them using a hot glue gun. Then you will finish by layering the “cup boards” in the bin to keep your ornaments safe and organized.

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  • Wreaths

Option 1: Coat Rack

This is a cheap way to store Christmas wreaths. This storage method involves attaching your wreaths to hangers and hanging them on a coat rack. You will then cover each wreath with a plastic bag to protect them from dust. It is really effective for keeping them safe from damage and dust.

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Option 2: Wreath Box

This is the option to go with if you want more protection for your wreaths during storage. These boxes are usually made from plastic and are perfect for wreaths made from dried leaves, flowers, or twigs. They are also great for heavily decorated wreaths. These boxes come in different sizes on Amazon, so you will definitely find the perfect one.

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  • String Lights

Option 1: Pieces of Cardboard

Probably the most DIY storing option you’ve ever seen, this method makes storing string lights easy. Just wrap the lights around cut pieces of cardboard, then you can store them side by side in a box or bin. You should label each cardboard piece to indicate where you hang that specific string light.

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Option 2: Light Spools

You can use this method to simultaneously hold multiple light strands and keep them from getting tangled. Light spools come in various sizes to accommodate different lengths of string lights. They are also easy to use and involve just wrapping the lights around the spools.

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Option 3: Used cans 

You can wrap the lights around used cans to keep them tangle-free. This method also helps protect the bulbs from breaking. You’ll want to ensure that you untangle the cords first, or else they’ll be challenging to wrap. You can then label and store the cans in a bag or some other dry, cool area of the home. You could also use tissue paper rolls or cardboard tubes in a pinch.

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  • Outdoor Décor

Option 1: Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are an excellent option for storing Christmas decorations, especially outdoor decorations, because they are weather-resistant and durable. The best bins are those with tight-fitting lids to keep out moisture and pests. You can also use plastic bins with dividers to organize Christmas decorations within the bins, so they are easy to find. Your ideal plastic bin should consider the size and weight of your decorations and the amount of space you have for storage.

Option 2: Outdoor Storage Shed

According to Lolly Jane, an outdoor decor shed is ideal for packing Christmas decorations if they are many or if you only have limited space in your garage or basement. Storage sheds can hold large items like inflatable décor, light displays, and holiday figurines. The best sheds should have a sturdy foundation, good ventilation, and a lockable door to protect your decorations from the elements and potential thieves.

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  • Holiday Dishes and Flatware

Dish Packs

You can use dish packs for storage if you have unique holiday dishes or other fragile items. The packs are sturdy boxes designed to protect dishes and other breakable items during storage and moving. These packs are a space-efficient storage solution since you can usually fit multiple plates or sets of flatware in each dish pack. 

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  • Gift Wraps and Wrapping Supplies

Wrapping Paper Organizer

These organizers are made from plastic or canvas and have compartments or pockets for different wrapping supplies like rolls of wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape. This option ensures that the wrapping supplies are stored in an accessible and attractive manner.

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Essential Tips for Organizing Christmas Decorations

Here are a few tips to generally prepare you for organizing your décor.

  • Designate your storage space

This is one of the first things you should do.  You should choose a cool, dry place that is out of the reach of pests and the elements. It can be your basement, garage, attic, shelves, wardrobe, or even a combination of these for different decoration materials.

  • Stock up on clear containers and matching lids

Clear containers can make it very easy to find items that have been stored away for a while. It will also enable you to sort things like ornaments based on color and kind. Tight-fitting lids on these containers mean that dust, pests, and other elements will have difficulty getting in.

  • Get a lot of storage bins and boxes

Storage bins and boxes are excellent for putting away most of the décor that you want compartmentalized. Outdoor décor and artificial trees can be stored in this without damaging them. Money spent on storage bins and boxes is money well invested. 

  • Get Labels

You will need a lot of labels to be able to categorize all the items you store away. Also, get a small journal to list what you intend to keep and then index the location against the labels you attach to the storage. It sounds all fancy, but it is worth the effort! 

  • Get some help

Organizing your Christmas décor takes a lot of time and effort. You will need to enlist help from family or friends or get professional help. The effort of many hands will make your work easy and better organized. 

In Summary…

Storing Christmas decorations does not need to be a stressful experience. With these tips above, you can always get it done easily and efficiently. You needn’t be concerned about how and where to store Christmas decorations anymore.

At Clean Tu Casa, we not only offer organization tips but also offer organization services. Reach out to us today for your professional home cleaning and organizing services.  

March 24, 2023
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