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December 20, 2022

The Best Cleaning Products and Tools for Your Home

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Osi Egwuogu

Everyone deserves to use the best cleaning products and tools available. However, it can be overwhelming to sift through the several cleaning options in the market. Here is a well-kept secret: even the most determined among us have sometimes given up and just used the first products we found on the shelves. That struggle to choose what to clean with will be resolved in this article, so you might want to pay full attention. 

If you’ve always wondered which cleaning products professionals use, this is your lucky day. We will be sharing the best cleaning products and tools that made our cleaning jobs easier in 2022. Our hope is that they make cleaning a lot easier for you henceforth. 

Our 10 Best Cleaning Products

A group of tools for cleaning

Here are 10 of the best cleaning products we’ve used and the best ways you can use them.

  1. Mr. Clean Multi-purpose Cleaner

This product can be used for most surfaces and easily cuts through dirt, grease, and grime. It is one of those professional cleaning products you must have in your cleaning closet. This is because it has multiple applications for your floors, countertops, tiles, toilets, and even linoleum. It even leaves behind a citrusy scent on surfaces. 

  1. Pine-Sol Original Scent Disinfectant Cleaner

This is one of the top cleaning products you’d want to use after the multi-purpose cleaner to disinfect the cleaned surfaces, eliminate germs, and reduce contamination. It has shown effectiveness against the COVID virus and can kill 99.9% of germs. This cleaner is dilutable and has a fresh scent that does not diminish its effectiveness against dirt, grime, and grease. The best part is that it is great for almost all surfaces, including finished hardwood, cement, ceramic tile, glass, plastic, carpet, granite, and linoleum. It is EPA-approved, and environment-friendly. This disinfectant cleaner is just the complete package for cleanliness and healthcare.

  1. Dawn Soap

This soap can be used for a lot more than dishwashing. It can be combined with other products like vinegar to remove grease stains from clothes and cabinets, clean stainless steel appliances, windows and outdoor furniture, showers and bathtubs, and to clear clogged drains. You can also use Dawn soap for floors made from laminate/engineered wood. That sort of floor is a non-porous surface so a solution of diluted vinegar and a drop of Dawn soap is perfect for cleaning it. You can also discover several other applications as you use the product.

  1. Spray Way Glass Cleaner

This product has an ammonia-free, powerful formula that produces a thick foam which dissolves grease and grime. It is suitable for use on windows, mirrors, tile, chrome, and other hard surfaces. It also has a no-rinse formula, meaning it will not leave any filmy residue behind. Your glass surfaces will thank you for the streak-free, beautiful shine that it gives.

  1. Orange Glo Furniture Polish

This product cleans and shines lumber finishes in your home. It contains pure Valencia orange oil, which revives wood. It helps restore natural luster while removing dirt, grease, and wax build-up. It is also helpful on stainless steel, ceramic tile, and fiberglass to remove oil, soap film, gum, and stickers. Its fresh citrus scent will stay on your furniture long after use.

  1. Murphy’s Oil Floor Cleaner
oil soap over wood

Among the best cleaning products for your home, Murphy’s oil floor cleaner is the one for both finished wood and non-wood surfaces to maintain a beautiful shine. The product is 98% natural and has no ammonia, bleach, or residues.

We use it mainly for real natural hardwood because the surface is porous, and the solution lifts grime and dirt out while coating the floor to bring out the natural brilliance of the wood. An adequately diluted solution of Murphy’s oil and hot water with a damp microfiber mop is enough to do the trick. We use dawn soap on non-porous surfaces, like in the case of laminate/engineered wood.

  1. Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleanser

This product is for bathrooms, toilets, sinks, and frequently contaminated surfaces. It cleans and disinfects surfaces in one step, is tough on stains, and gentle on surfaces. Leaving the product for 3 minutes can kill 99.9% of household germs, including the ones that cause most flus. It is also able to achieve a brilliant, scratch-free shine on these surfaces. 

  1. Oxiclean Spot Treatment Spray

This is the top cleaning products for your Airbnb laundry if you run an Airbnb. This spray clings to fabric fibers, diving deep into difficult laundry stains and odors to remove them and leave the fabric fresh and clean. It is also easy to use. You apply directly on the stain until it is saturated, then allow it to sit for about 10 mins before finally washing it off with regular detergent. 

  1. Bleach

Bleach is perfect for white laundry and deep cleaning in the home. Most are sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide solutions that can whiten clothes and kill bacteria, mold, and other germs. OxiClean bleach and Clorox disinfecting bleach are two of the best bleach products. We use OxiClean bleach for short-term rental laundry that requires lifting stains or brightening colors. The Clorox disinfecting bleach is used only when necessary for bathroom build-up on the shower floors and walls.

  1. Carpet Deodorizer 

We use Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Odor Eliminator. This deodorizer is non-toxic, helps to reduce odors, and lifts dirt from carpets/rugs in homes with pets or fireplaces. It is a powder and should be applied for about 10 mins before vacuuming. The powder used is safe around pets, and its fresh scent can last a few days after use to reduce odors.

Our 6 Best Recommended Cleaning Tools

This section is dedicated to the best cleaning tools we use at Clean Tu Casa. They include;

  1. Microfiber Mops, Dusters, and Cloths
image 7 1024x683 1

Microfiber is the preferred material for dusting, mopping, and wiping. The fibers in microfiber material are so tiny and dense that they create a larger surface area for dirt and dust to cling to. It can also hold seven times its weight in liquid so it absorbs instead of pushing water on a surface. The material cleans effectively without chemicals. These reasons make it ideal for polishing chrome, furniture, mirrors, and windows; removing lint or dust; wiping the floor, and dusting surfaces. 

  1. White terry cloth rags

This rag can absorb large amounts of water because it is made from cotton and poly-cotton material. You can use it for general cleaning, paint spills and cleanups, staining and varnishing, polishing, and dusting. We use it for rough surfaces and to remove build-up on glass. Around the home, the rags can clean up spills, grease, grime, and oil; remove dirt from tools, paint from brushes, and detail cars. The rags are reusable and will not let you down.

  1. Magic Erasers
image 8 1

Magic erasers are great for deep-cleaning tubs, showers, stoves, and other surfaces. They remove soap scum from the most challenging areas of the bathroom or bathtub, hard water from the shower glass, grim from tile and grout, and hairspray and toothpaste from counters and sinks. 

  1. Heavy-Duty Blade Scraper

This unique blade scraper removes paint droppings, baked food on ovens, and glue, putty, or adhesives from glass, tiles, walls, and floors. It is designed with a comfortable grip and replaceable blades, making it durable and easy to use. If the blade is mounted with the bevel side facing upwards, you can use it on cement and hard surfaces. On the other hand, if the bevel side faces down, it becomes good for wood and softer materials. It can also be mounted with its blunt side facing forwards to knock off adhesives and other surface imperfections.

  1. Non-scratch Plastic Scraper

This scraper made from quality carbon fiber plastic has a hardness that makes it difficult to break under pressure. It also has several applications. It removes label stickers, grease, paint, candle wax, dirt, soap, and dried foods in your kitchen, bathrooms, workshop, garage, toolbox, and car.

  1. Steam mop

Steam cleaners are all the rave now and are one of the best cleaning tools in the market. We use this for deep cleaning or when floors like hardwood, laminate, tile, or marble have a build-up. This mop helps to level-set the floor from a build-up of layers of grime, dust, and stains. It does not require using other cleaning products, as the steam can disinfect the surface. If necessary, you can still use a suitable cleaning product after using the steam mop.

So… what are YOUR best cleaning products and tools?

You have seen some of the best products we use at Clean Tu Casa. Now we’d like to see which products and tools you prefer. Leave a comment about your favorite cleaning supply and why you like using it. You can also contact our team for all your professional home and office cleaning needs. 

Happy Holidays!!

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