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November 10, 2022

4 easy tips for older adults to clean an old room

Written By
Osi Egwuogu

Fall is a season with promises of holidays and time with family. Memories of the holidays always bring up images of cozy fireplaces and the sweet smell of homemade pastries. Most family members typically visit their older relatives during these colder months. So, this early fall is the best time to clean an old room or two in anticipation of their visit.

And this is usually where older adults hit a snag. You have spare rooms available, but they are filled with clutter from the past year. It’s perfectly normal to keep items in a room you’re not using, especially if you think you’ll need them later. But right now, you have to make space for your visiting family members. 

To clean old rooms might seem like a huge task, so we have compiled a simple list to help you start. It doesn't matter if your home decor is minimalistic or colorful; following a simple to-do list will help you clean out the unused room in no time and get it ready for a merry holiday. 

  1. Work one step at a time

Most times, the biggest enemy of decluttering is the thought of decluttering. Thinking about everything to arrange, list, and move can easily overwhelm you.

Taking the process slowly, one step at a time, is necessary. This will reduce your stress levels and help you focus on precisely what you are doing.

You can pick out a couple of hours every week to start, and before you know it, you're done! 

  1. Start with three boxes
donation boxes

Use three boxes when sorting your items in the room. These boxes should be labeled: Keep, Throw out and Donate.

This will help you decide what you need and what you don't. You can always go through the boxes after you’re done to ensure you didn't misplace an item. You can also create a Maybe box where you can keep things you are not sure of their use. This way, you can always come back later to recheck the box. 

While cleaning your old room, work from one spot outwards. That way, you don’t risk tripping over anything lying around. Also, ensure to take periodic breaks. That’s the great thing about doing this early. There’s no rush. 

  1. No duplicates

Many homes have devices or items with twins around the house. Sometimes, you buy these items because the previous ones have been misplaced or as replacements just in case the old ones get faulty. But the old ones are either found or don’t get faulty. Then you find yourself swimming in a river of mugs, forks, scissors, knives, or towels, which you chuck into the old room. 

Getting rid of these extra items can help create more space for your visiting family. You can gift them to someone or donate them to goodwill centers around the Metro Atlanta area. 

  1. Enjoy the Process 
senior couple look together at something exciting

Giving yourself plenty of time to clean through also allows you to enjoy the process. You get the opportunity to reflect on past fond memories while you go through your old belongings.

While cleaning, take some time to look through your saved items and reflect on the memories you had with them. This tip will help you get through the process more easily and prepare you to let go of some of these belongings.  

Also, before trashing or donating any item, you can take pictures of them. This could help you hold on to those important memories without needing the actual object.

With the steps listed above, cleaning out an old room for use during the holidays would not be as hectic as you’d expect. And if it’ll be too much work to get it done yourself, Clean Tu Casa is always available to help. 

If you’re in the Metro Atlanta area, Clean Tu Casa provides house cleaning for seniors. Our skilled team can help clean and organize your home and go on errands for you. You can reach out to us for your free quote today. 

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