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December 10, 2022

5 Common Myths About Cleaning Companies Busted!

Written By
Osi Egwuogu

Myths are widespread and often unfounded, and they can either keep you from or convince you to make certain choices. The common myths about cleaning companies are probably why you may not have employed the services of a cleaning company yet, even though you might need them. We are here to debunk common home cleaning service myths while serving you the facts about cleaning companies.

Myth #1: Professional cleaning services are costly

This common cleaning myth discourages people from hiring a professional home cleaning service. Contrary to popular belief, professional home cleaning is very affordable. And when you think about the quality of work and the time saved, it is even cheaper than it appears to be.

Myth #2: Cleaning teams will invade your privacy and steal your valuables

This is a prevalent myth. No one wants to let strangers rummage through their stuff and cart away all their valuables. It is even worse when you let these strangers in through the front door yourself. However, you can rest assured that professional cleaning teams can be vouched for They are always properly screened, and adequate background checks are carried out before hiring. So you have nothing to worry about. The cleaning staff is made up of professionals whose focus is to clean your space effectively and efficiently. But if you have important personal stuff that you don’t want anyone around, you can make certain rooms off-limits. Just communicate your specifications with the cleaning agency.

Myth #3:  You must monitor cleaning teams while they are at work

Lady cleaning the door of a house

This myth makes you wonder why you need them in the first place if you are just going to hang around to make sure they do their job properly. But you can be assured that the staff's responsibility is to please you. So you can relax and go about your tasks with the assurance that a professional cleaning team will deliver without you being there. If you have any specific cleaning requirements, you can always inform them.

Myth #4: Hiring a cleaning company means you are lazy

This is another unfounded cleaning myth. Your time is worth a lot, and you can’t afford to spend valuable time cleaning when you have a lot to do. A professional knows the importance of outsourcing tasks. As the saying goes, time is money. That is why we are here; to do the tasks you can’t spend time on. Hiring a professional home cleaning team will save time and money and enable you to kick back and relax when you come home after a long day.

Myth #5: Professional cleans are time-consuming 

A cleaning done by a professional team is anything but time-consuming. The staff is made of professionals who aim to clean your space as quickly and thoroughly as possible. So you have nothing to worry about on that account. A professional home cleaning team will be in and out of your space before you know it.

Do you still believe the common myths about cleaning companies?

If your answer is ‘No,’ then great. We can’t wait to get a call from you requesting your free quote. Even if your answer is ‘Yes,’ still call. Talking with our staff will convince you that hiring a professional home cleaning team is not a bad idea. They might be just what you need to get your home or office in tip-top shape. And if you’re in the Metro Atlanta area, Clean Tu Casa is a very affordable professional home cleaning service that serves homes here. If you are in need of professional cleaning services, we will be glad to offer a free quote for your project. Request a free quote today!

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