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November 28, 2022

3 Hacks To Stress-Free Dish Clean-ups This Holiday

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The holidays present an opportunity for a lot of happiness, fun, family time and, sadly, housework. If you are entertaining guests this holiday, you probably already anticipate the stress involved in cleaning up after many people. The good news is, with a certain level of preparedness, you can have a stress-free dish clean-up experience this year. 

This article will provide some hacks that will change your dishwashing game for good. By simply following the dishwashing tips here, you can make your life so much easier this holiday. 

Stress-free Dish Clean-up Tips To Help You

Here are some of the best and easy-to-follow dish clean-up tips to take your holiday cleaning game to the A-league;

  1. Be Prepared

The key to having a stress-free holiday dinner is planning ahead of time. Planning both the meal and the cleaning that happens after that will make it easier and tidier while getting you more family time. Here are ways to be prepared;

  • Empty and thoroughly clean the dishwasher.
  • Clean and clear out the fridge and freezer for leftover storage.
  • Set aside clean plasticware for leftovers.
  • Have a supply of clean microfiber cloths for wiping spills and countertops.
  • Get a good dish soap.
  • Prepare suitable sponges and scrubbers for the cleaning.
  • Get extra waste baskets and recycle bins for guests to quickly throw out the waste.

2. Clean as you go

You best begin the tidying-up process while still cooking. Your future self will be grateful for the foresight you have displayed (but you really have us to thank, so you’re welcome). Those clean pots and pans will leave no evidence of all the simmering, baking and cooking you have just done. Here are other ways you can clean as you go;

  • Wiping up spills and surfaces immediately.
  • Soaking plates and utensils in warm, soapy water while cooking and baking are ongoing.
  • Lining baking trays with foil or parchment paper so there is less to scrub after.
  • Prepare your casseroles and pies in dishes with lids for easy storage in the fridge instead of transferring them afresh into separate containers.

3. Get all hands on deck (or on the dishes)

guests help with dish clean-up

You can become so engrossed in the hosting duties that you forget to enjoy the presence of your visitors. There is one way to enjoy time with your guests even as you clean. Simply invite them to join in your dishwashing. The good thing is that many a guest will even offer to help. You can enlist their help in;

  • Clearing the table of dishes, glassware, silverware and tablecloths.
  • Packing, labeling and storing leftovers.
  • Scraping plates into the garbage cans.
  • Drying the dishes.
  • Taking out the garbage cans.

If you need professional help with your holiday cleaning, look no further than Clean Tu Casa. We will provide you with professional cleaning services that will help you sit back and enjoy a beautiful season of holidays.

March 24, 2023
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