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January 8, 2023

5 Easy Organizing Habits to Add to Your New Year Resolutions.

Written By
Osi Egwuogu

It’s resolution season, and the best way to keep up with your resolutions is by starting new habits that evolve into a lifestyle. Adding organizing resolutions to your list will help level up and beautify your space this year. And the best way to crush those organizing resolutions is by developing easy organizing habits. 

Easy Organizing habits you can actually stick to:

  • Create a Personalized Organization System 

This is a great organizing habit, probably the most important. Your space should have a personalized organization system, so all your things have their designated spot. 

Your dirty clothes should go into the hamper, different clothing should have separate drawers, shoes should have their place, and cleaning supplies should be in a caddy or some other convenient carrier. In your kitchen, spices should be arranged in a particular cupboard, breakfast cereals in another, and so on. As the Christmas season is over, you should also store your decorations in a particular place.

When everything has its place in your home, it makes it easier to find stuff and leaves your space well organized.

  • Declutter
clothes organized behind signs of keep donate or discard

Decluttering is a good organizing habit to cultivate this year. Having a lot of stuff in your space makes it look disorganized and stuffy. Your home is usually filled with things you no longer use or even need. Start the new year by decluttering your space. Decluttering every season is also a great idea.

Decluttering your home could seem daunting, so to make it easy, you could start decluttering one room at a time, preferably from the smallest to the largest. You can declutter your closet by giving out the clothes you no longer wear. Kitchen decluttering can be done by either using up or throwing out things you no longer use.

Another easy organizing habit you can develop to avoid clutter is the habit of ‘Something in, Something out.’ For every new thing you bring into your home, take something else out, preferably something similar in size or volume.

  • Control Your Files and Mails

Having a ton of mail or files to sort through can be a hassle, but an efficient filing system will simplify the entire process and make sorting through your mail a piece of cake. 

Getting separate files for different types of mail or bills is a good organizing habit to form. There should be individual files for electricity bills, gas bills, heating bills, purchases, and so on. Throw out any unnecessary mail, and opt for electronic mail. Even on your electronic devices, creating folders for different files will make sorting through your files and mail very easy.

  • Give Every New Item a Home

Whenever you get a new item, you might be tempted to leave it lying around. However, make it a habit to get a home for every new thing you get. If similar items already have where they are stored, you should keep the new item with its counterparts. If you don’t have any items that are similar to the new thing, create a place for the item within your home.

  • Recycle
child in front of three plastic garbage bin that read plastic glass and paper

Recycling is not just important for the ecosystem. It is a vital part of maintaining a well-organized space. On the one hand, you can find alternative uses for items you are no longer using. You could convert plastic containers into pots for your flowers and plants. On the other hand, you could get labeled bins for different items to make recycling easier. One bin for glass items, another for plastics, and so on.

At the end of the week, always empty your recycle bins in a recycling center near you.  


These easy new year resolutions and organizing habits will make for a very organized home. However, if you are too busy and need help organizing your space, Clean Tu Casa will take care of your organizing for you.

Clean Tu Casa is a Metro Atlanta cleaning agency that offers cleaning, errand, and organizing services for residential and corporate clients. Our mission is to transform your home, leaving you satisfied with your space.

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