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November 4, 2022

Five Hacks for An Easy Fall Closet Organization

Written By
Osi Egwuogu


Summer has come to an end, and in its place, the season of cool weather and vibrant colors is here. Preparing on time for the low temperatures of this fall season is crucial. That way, you won’t miss any chance to enjoy the burst of fall colors in their red, orange, and brown hues, the taste of pumpkin spice in nearly everything, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot, and the ever-present nip in the air.

The first step to fully preparing to enjoy this fall is to ensure your closet is fall-ready. Time to swap your sandals for boots and t-shirts for coats as you switch from light summer wear to thicker fall clothes. Here are some best practices to make your fall closet organization easier.

  1. Completely Clear Out Your Closet 
clothes hanging in the closet

Chances are most of the clothes in your closet right now are for warmer seasons, so it’s best to start by taking out everything. A hack to getting this task done quickly is keeping the clothes in neat piles on your bed; that way, you will have to sort through them before you go to bed. 

You should go through your summer clothes and put those that could have sweat, sunscreen, and some other stain aside for re-washing. You don’t want to damage these clothes by storing them without ensuring they are clean. It’s also good to re-wash clothes from last fall because they have not been worn in a while and may have a funky smell. You could also use this opportunity to dry-clean your heavy jackets and coats, especially if you missed out on doing it last season. 

  1. Pick Out Old or Unwanted Items

This takes time, but it’s easy to do. To free up storage space, you have to pick out clothes or accessories you no longer want to wear, didn’t wear last season, don’t fit, or don’t seem like your kind of cloth anymore. Instead of being wasteful and throwing them out, you could sell them to someone who would appreciate them or donate them to goodwill. If you need help, the team at Clean Tu Casa has a list of goodwill donation centers in the Metro Atlanta Area.

  1. Store Your Summer Clothes
clothes organized in a drawer

Clothes for every season can’t possibly fit in your closet space simultaneously. Even if you have a large closet, keeping all your seasonal clothes hung will make it difficult for you to find anything to wear. Also, you need to properly store clothes from previous seasons so they can last longer. 

You should line your storage bin, dresser, or cubicles with heavy paper or fabric sprayed with water and a few drops of peppermint oil to ensure that your clothes have a fresh smell and to keep winter pests away

Roll your shirts, blouses, and lightweight dresses instead of folding them to prevent wrinkling while in storage. To maintain the shape of dresses and fancier clothing, straighten and store them in a garment bag by either hanging up or laying flat. To avoid transference or color bleeding, you want to keep heavily dyed items separately from white clothes.

If you’re storing your clothes in the attic, keep them in garment bags, so moisture and weather elements don’t get to them. Or they can fit in an airtight storage bin under your bed. Cubicles, racks, or designated storage bins are perfect for storing summertime sandals, flip-flops, and flats.

  1. Hang up Fall Clothing

Spring isn’t the only ‘out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new’ season. After significantly hot temperatures, you’ll need to get specific when picking clothes for a colder season like fall. It’s time to fill your emptied-out closet with all the right gear. Before hanging up your clothes, you should ensure your closet is clean and pest-free by vacuuming. 

Organize and hang up your tank tops, short and long sleeves, cardigans, and others. You should hang your work clothes where you can quickly assess them. You can further sort your clothes by color and hang them in that order for easy browsing and selecting whenever your mood and color preference calls for it. You should fold sweaters and shelve them in your closet instead of hanging them to keep them from losing shape. 

You could use boot clips to hang boots in your closet to maintain their shape. You can keep heavy coats, winter scarves, gloves, and hats in your entryway to avoid clutter in your bedroom closet. Hanging them on individual hooks or getting an accessory organizer to place them on the side wall, on the back of the door, or in another spot within your line of sight is recommended.

  1. Light Up Your Closet
image 11

As the days get shorter and sunlight gets scarce, it’ll get harder to see things inside your closet. You can install overhead lights or buy small, battery-powered lights to brighten your wardrobe.

  1. Treat Yourself Kindly

Organizing your closet is hard work. It’s completely okay if you cannot handle it alone for one reason or the other. You don’t need to feel bad for seeking help, especially if you have the means to. You can opt for a professional organization service to create systems to keep your closet organized throughout the fall season.

What next?

There are many activities to look forward to in the fall. Camping outdoors, enjoying fall fruits and beverages, watching football and baseball games, the first frost, Halloween, and scary films are some exciting things this season.

Organizing your closet for this season allows you to have your warmer clothes within reach, so you don’t miss out on any of these activities. The tips above will help you as you start planning this new season. And if you’re in the Metro Atlanta area and you need help organizing, Clean Tu Casa is always at your service. Give us a call today!

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