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March 12, 2024

Caring for Your Office Plants: Important Guide to a Green Workspace

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Osi Egwuogu

Flowers deserve all the recognition they can get. And annually, March 12th is that day. 12th March is National Plant a Flower Day! This day is to bring awareness to the importance of flowers and plants as a whole and celebrate them worldwide. Aside from their beauty, flowers have ecological, medicinal, cultural, and religious significance that is appreciated globally. And office plants aim to bring all that natural goodness to your workspace too.

If you’ve ever owned, and most likely killed, an office plant, this is the post for you. In this blog, we’ll outline all the choices you need to make to ensure you have plants that thrive in your workspace and give you all the benefits they can. 

Benefits Of Office Plants

  1. Enhanced Air Quality: Plants purify the air, thereby enhancing air quality. They release oxygen, take in carbon dioxide, and eliminate any other toxins in the air.
  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Having plants in your office brings warmth and a splash of color to an otherwise sterile work environment. When artfully arranged, they beautify your office, giving it a warm homely feeling.
  1. Stress Reduction: Plants can help lower anxiety and stress levels. This is probably because they help you feel close to nature. A feeling of connection to nature is tied to relaxation (this is why when you think of relaxation, you think of warm tropical destinations). According to color psychology principles, green is a warm, soothing color that helps reduce stress levels.
  1. Improved Productivity: With decreased stress and anxiety, productivity levels are bound to increase. Additionally, some plants' fragrance is soothing, helping you relax and focus better, increasing your productivity.
  1. Increased Comfort: Office plants create a warm, welcoming environment. Moisture-loving plants decrease humidity in a damp environment, while some other plants increase the humidity in a dry environment. This ends up making your space more comfortable.

Choosing The Right Office Plants

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There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right office plant for you. You need to consider the size of your space, lighting and above all, you need a low-maintenance plant.

A. Low Maintenance Options

You most definitely don’t want a delicate, needy plant in your office. This is because a number of things can cause you to be unavailable for a period of time to care for your plant.  For example, you probably won’t be around on the weekends, and sometimes you might have to take a few days off from work. When rushing to meet up with deadlines, you might forget to water your plant. 

But this doesn’t mean you are doomed to be tossing your office plant in the trash every week. A few beautiful but low-maintenance plant options are; 

  1. Snake plant: This is one really tough plant. You only need to water it once every two to three weeks, and it requires very little sunlight. 
  2. African Violet: It can thrive in spaces with average humidity and temperature. It isn’t picky about its light source, either. Indirect sunlight is ideal but it can manage just fine with fluorescent light. Its purple shades add a much-needed splash of color to your space.
  3. English Ivy: It requires medium light and average water. Its climbing nature allows you to trail it along your window or desk.
  4. ZZ plant: It can tolerate little light and water. It can thrive with just fluorescent lights.
  5. Aloe: It only needs one important ingredient – sunlight. You can just forget it on a window sill because it only needs to be watered every few weeks.
  6. Tillandsia: There are so many species of this plant with silver, green, and rosy colorings. It is an air plant, so it doesn’t require soil. You can therefore store them in unconventional containers such as sea shells. They only need to be misted with some water weekly.
  7. Lucky bamboo: You can bend their stems during the growth process to form several exciting shapes. They grow well in low-light environments and don’t require soil so far as the stems are submerged in water.
  8. Pothos: They like bright indirect light but can tolerate low-light environments. Their long vines can be trailed along your desk and walls.
  9. Cacti: They are extremely tough but pretty plants. They grow slowly, don’t need pruning, and rarely need to be repotted. Their only caveat is that they need a lot of sunlight to thrive.
  10. Jade: Its teardrop-shaped leaves are beautiful, although it doesn’t need much water. However, it needs bright light to thrive. Keep it away from direct harsh sunlight.
B. Light Requirements

Before purchasing an office plant, you need to consider the lighting available in your office. Some plants, such as pothos, lucky bamboo, ZZ plant, African violet, etc. require indirect sunlight but can thrive under fluorescent lights. Other plants, such as jade, cacti, and aloe, require lots of sunlight.

C. Size and Space Considerations 

You also need to consider the space you’re working with. For a cubicle or small office space, you need plants such as; cacti, jade plants, tillandsia, miniature African violets, and snake plants. Plants such as peace lilies, spider plants, pothos, and English Ivy require a bit more space.

Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

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Office plant care is important so that the plants can thrive and live as long as possible. Here are some plant care tips;

  1. Dusting Leaves: Plants are used to staying out in nature. Keeping them in a closed space can allow for the accumulation of dust on their leaves. This dust can slow down photosynthesis which is a process necessary for plant survival. Dust the leaves with a clean cloth once you notice any dust accumulation.
  2. Watering Guidelines: It is necessary that you follow directions when it comes to watering your office plants, as different plants have different watering needs. Not watering your plants adequately can cause them to wither. Likewise, be careful not to water them too often as it can lead to over-hydration. Get a pot with holes at the bottom to prevent water from getting trapped in the soil and rotting the roots.
  3. Pruning and Trimming: This makes them look neat while allowing for healthy plant growth. Trim off any yellowed or dying leaves immediately.
  4. Fertilize Occasionally: Unlike outdoor plants, indoor plants are restricted to little patches of soil, and with time, they can exhaust the nutrients in the soil. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer and apply sparingly. Over-fertilizing could lead to nutrient imbalance.
  5. Pest Control: Pests such as aphids, mealy bugs, and spider mites could come for your office plants. Be on the lookout for them. Isolate a plant once you notice an infestation, as infestation can spread quickly to other plants. Treat affected plants with suitable natural and chemical environments.


Caring for plants is really important as they are an integral part of our world. Invest in an office plant today. It will improve the state of your office, mood, and productivity. And with the guidelines and plant care tips above, taking care of your office plants should be a piece of cake.

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