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April 28, 2023

Client Spotlight on Lindsey Tsuya: Airbnb Hosting in Atlanta

Written By
Osi Egwuogu

At Clean Tu Casa, we love our work as a professional house and corporate cleaning team in Atlanta. We work with amazing people and businesses in the Metro Atlanta area. Today, we’ll shine some light on one of our excellent Airbnb partners with a beautiful short-term rental here in Atlanta, Lindsey Tsuya.

Lindsey’s rental is an excellent choice for anyone visiting Atlanta. With its bright and spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen, beautiful terrace, and comfortable bedroom, this rental is perfect for families and groups of friends. Located conveniently in Downtown Atlanta, this rental is close to all the city's attractions and amenities, ensuring visitors have a wonderful and memorable stay. 

Why Airbnb Hosting?

clean kitchen

For Lindsey, being an Airbnb host has been an enriching experience. Not only has she been able to supplement her income and meet people from all walks of life, but she's also been able to showcase her local neighborhood and all it has to offer to her guests.

She also loves the flexibility and independence of being her own boss. As a host, Lindsey has complete control over her schedule and can tailor her hosting to fit her lifestyle. And finally, her previous memorable Airbnb experiences were a huge motivation behind starting up her short-term rental.

Her critical tips for ensuring her guests have a wonderful stay

Not to brag, but Lindsey said WE are her number one tip to ensure her guests enjoy their stay.

“To provide my guests with an exceptional experience, I rely on my business partner at Clean Tu Casa, who oversees the cleaning details and ensures everything runs smoothly. Their diligent work ensures that the guests arrive to a sparkling clean home, and they  serve as my eyes and ears to ensure that the property is well-maintained during their stay.”

Lindsey Tsuya, Airbnb host.

By entrusting her space to a reliable and thorough turnover cleaning crew (us!), Lindsey can maintain a spotless and inviting environment that guests rave about in their reviews. With her guests' comfort and satisfaction as her top priority, she believes we are an invaluable asset to the success of her Airbnb property.

Lindsey Tsuya's advice to new or aspiring Airbnb hosts in Atlanta

clean living room

You guessed right. Lindsey advises inexperienced Airbnb hosts to cultivate a good relationship with their professional cleaning team. She believes that “By making their job easier, you'll also ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for yourself. This includes clear communication, providing detailed instructions and expectations, and compensating them fairly for their hard work.”

And we couldn’t agree more. As a professional Airbnb cleaning service, we know the importance of clear communication between hosts and their cleaning teams. Other factors, such as providing detailed cleaning instructions, using visual aids like Airbnb cleaning checklists, and regularly checking in with the cleaning team, would also greatly help. 

In addition, just as Lindsey stated, respect is a necessity. Treat your cleaning teams with respect and gratitude, as they are essential to the success of an Airbnb property. For more Airbnb hosting tips, read our posts on tips for effective Airbnb hosting and ways to automate multiple Airbnb turnover cleanings.

Our top-notch professional cleaning doesn’t just make us the best in Atlanta; it also sets the stage for our clients to get maximum value for their property. Want to experience the Clean Tu Casa touch in your Airbnb rental, home, or office? Give us a call today!

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