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November 3, 2022

5 Common Move-Out Cleaning Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Written By
Osi Egwuogu

No matter how excited you are about going to a new place, the moving out experience is always demanding.  You have to get your things ready to move out of the old home and get the new place ready for living in. With all that activity going around, it’s easy to make one or two mistakes along the line with your move-out cleaning. 

But one aspect of your move-out where you don’t want to make any mistakes is the aspect of cleaning. Cleaning your old house or apartment is essential because it leaves a good impression on the new occupants and helps your chances of getting your security deposit back. Making a mistake with your move-out cleaning could lead to some subtractions from the security deposit, so you should be careful while at it.

Most people leave their move-out cleaning for professionals and cleaning agencies. However, you can choose to do the move-out cleaning. If you’re going to handle the clean yourself, we’ve listed the common mistakes movers make and the necessary move-out cleaning tips to avoid them.

  1. Move-out Cleaning Before Packing

Never assume a place is clean if you cleaned it while your belongings were still unpacked. You'll need to clean your house again if you cleaned it before packing, and that's just double and unnecessary stress. Ensure that cleaning is the last thing you do before you leave. It’s easier and more effective that way. Also, you get to give the home a final assessment during the clean to confirm that you do not forget anything,

  1. Mixing Up The Box With Cleaning Equipments
cleaning stuff

Cleaning is the last thing you do when you leave your old home and the first thing you do when you get to the new one. So, it would be wise to gather all your cleaning equipment in one well-labeled box after your last clean. That way, they’ll all be handy and in one place when you need them for the move-in cleaning at your new home.

  1. Leaving The Trash In

Forgetting to take out the trash is promoting an unhealthy environment. It’s even worse if it’ll be a while before new occupants come in. Dirt and rot attract all kinds of unwanted organisms – bacteria, mold, roaches, and rodents. If you were a renter, chances are your landlord wouldn’t appreciate the filth when he comes for the final inspection. Besides, you wouldn't want to meet that in your new place, either. So do your best to take the trash out when you finish cleaning. Set a reminder if you have to.

  1. Leaving Food In The Refrigerator
open refrigerator full of food

Most landlords furnish their apartments with fridges. In the bustle of moving out, it is easy to forget there's some food and other perishables in the refrigerator. Although fridges typically preserve food, it’s bound to rot after you leave because the land will most likely turn off the power to save energy. So ensure you include taking out items from the fridge on your move-out checklist.

  1. Forgetting To Disinfect The House

Cleaning is excellent because it makes the place look tidy to the eyes. However, there is a world of things the eyes cannot see. Simple water and soap cannot kill all the bacteria and other microorganisms we cannot see. Therefore, do your best to properly disinfect the house after cleaning it.


Move-out cleaning is not easy, but it's as necessary as move-in cleaning. You don’t want to move into a dirty house, so ensure that new occupants don’t meet yours dirty. If you decide to hire professionals and need move-out cleaning services in Atlanta., Clean Tu Casa offers high-quality and comprehensive move-out cleans. Contact us to get a free quote today. 

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