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February 13, 2024

Office Cleaning Frequency: How Often Should You Clean?

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Osi Egwuogu

You probably already know the importance of a clean and hygienic office environment. Probably already figured out the professional cleaning team to call for your office. But the big question is, how often should you book professional corporate cleaning sessions? We’ll help you answer that in our comprehensive article.

Factors Influencing Office Cleaning Frequency

Small Office 3D Floor Plan

1. Office Size and Layout

The size and layout of your office space greatly impact your corporate cleaning needs. Larger offices with multiple rooms and complex layouts may require more frequent cleaning to ensure every nook and cranny remains spotless. Conversely, smaller offices with open layouts may have different requirements.

2. Industry Specifics

Different industries often have unique demands when it comes to office cleaning. Some sectors, like healthcare or food service, necessitate stringent cleanliness standards due to regulatory requirements. Understanding the industry-specific cleaning needs of your workspace is crucial.

3. Foot Traffic and Usage

Foot traffic and daily usage can vary significantly from one office to another. A space, like retail stores, with a high volume of employees and visitors may require more frequent cleaning to manage the increased wear and tear. In contrast, offices with lower foot traffic may need less frequent sessions.

4. Budget Constraints

Budget considerations are a crucial factor in determining the right cleaning frequency. Small businesses or startups may opt for less frequent cleaning to manage costs effectively, while larger corporations prioritize daily cleaning for customer or employee satisfaction.

5. Professional Insight of Your Cleaning Team

One often underestimated factor is the professional insight of your cleaning team. Your professional cleaning service will have a firsthand understanding of your workspace's specific cleaning requirements. Their insights on high-traffic areas, cleanliness standards, and any unique challenges can be invaluable in making the right frequency decision.

Common Cleaning Schedules

cleaning team cleaning commercial floor

Determining the right office cleaning schedule for your corporate environment is a nuanced process. To help guide your decision, let's explore several common cleaning schedules, each with its specific benefits. 

1. Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning is necessary for businesses that demand the highest hygiene and customer safety standards. Hospitals and healthcare facilities, for instance, require daily cleaning to meet stringent hygiene standards and prevent spreading infections. Restaurants and hotels also opt for daily cleaning to ensure a clean and welcoming environment, which is critical for customer satisfaction and safety. These businesses can't afford to compromise on cleanliness, making daily cleaning non-negotiable.

Daily cleaning typically focuses on areas that are prone to heavy usage and need constant attention to maintain the desired level of cleanliness, such as:

  • High-touch surfaces, 
  • Patient rooms, 
  • Kitchens, 
  • Dining areas, 
  • Restrooms, and 
  • Common areas.

2. Weekly Cleaning

Weekly cleaning is chosen by businesses with budget considerations and lower foot traffic. Small offices and retail boutiques, for instance, could opt for weekly cleaning because it strikes a balance between maintaining cleanliness and staying cost-effective. Tech startups with smaller offices and fewer visitors also find weekly cleaning a practical solution that keeps their workspace tidy.

In weekly cleaning, the focus is on workspaces, common areas, restrooms, and specific areas as needed. The frequency allows for a consistent level of cleanliness without overwhelming costs.

3. Biweekly Cleaning

Businesses that opt for biweekly cleaning usually prioritize flexibility and minimal disruption. Consulting firms, shared workspaces, low-traffic retailers, and art galleries find this cleaning frequency ideal. Biweekly cleaning offers room for flexibility and accommodates businesses with lower cleaning demands.

Biweekly cleaning primarily focuses on main workspaces, shared areas, restrooms, and spaces that require less frequent attention. This balance allows for cleanliness without overwhelming costs or operational disruption.

4. Customized Cleaning Plans

These kinds of cleaning plans are the solution for businesses with diverse cleaning needs. One remarkable feature of customization is their flexibility to incorporate a mix of weekly, biweekly, or daily cleaning schedules for different areas of your business. This tailored approach ensures that each space receives the required attention while staying within your budget.

High-traffic areas might demand daily cleaning in a customized cleaning plan to maintain cleanliness and safety standards. At the same time, less frequented spaces can be scheduled for weekly or biweekly cleaning to balance hygiene and cost-effectiveness.


In conclusion, understanding the factors that influence cleaning needs and common cleaning schedules can help office managers decide on the best frequency for their office cleaning. Remember, the impact of an appropriate cleaning schedule goes beyond cleanliness; it contributes to the overall success and thriving of your corporate space. 

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