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December 20, 2022

Best recommended Vacuum and Steam Mops According to Experts

Written By
Osi Egwuogu

Our world is fast-paced, so we are always looking for ways to save time without compromising quality. This applies to every aspect of daily living, cleaning not excluded. That is why we are here with recommended vacuum and steam mops to help you with your cleaning so that you can save time and still have your living space looking wonderful. 

Vacuum cleaners have long since replaced traditional brooms as they save time and energy and remove allergens from the air with HEPA or other filters. They also remove pet hair stuck in your carpet due to the high suction feature. Also, steam mops are slowly replacing traditional mops as they remove tough dirt and mold as water vapor loosens grime before the mop head absorbs it. They also kill harmful germs due to the sanitizing power of steam.

However, there are various brands of vacuum cleaners and steam mops out there, and it can be overwhelming to choose one out of the hundreds available in the market. So we will give you our recommended vacuum and steam mop, which we also use in our professional cleans.

Best Vacuum Cleaner: Shark Liftaway Navigator

modern tall vacuum

The best vacuum cleaner for home cleaning, according to experts and based on our experience as a professional cleaning agency, is the Shark Lift-Away Navigator. This vacuum cleaner has tons of benefits. It is easy to assemble as it has clear, easy-to-follow instructions with diagrams for easy identification of parts and their attachment. It also has powerful suction and is ideal for hardwood floors and area rugs. 

Another reason why it has won the best vacuum cleaner for the home is because of its three helpful accessories; a crevice tool, dusting brush, and pet power brush. The crevice tool has a narrow suction tube which is great for tight corners and hard-to-reach areas, while the dusting brush is ideal for delicate household items. The pet power brush has powerful suction and picks up every dirt particle and loose fur from your furry friends. Depending on how much reach you need, these different accessories can be attached to the extension wand or the handle. The Shark Lift-Away Navigator also has a high-capacity dust cup of 2.2 quarts, so you don’t have to empty the vacuum so frequently.

This vacuum is so good that it is no wonder it was awarded the best vacuum cleaner for 2022 by New York Times.

Best Steam Mop: Bissell Powerfresh Slim Steam Mop

modern tall vacuum with a storage on the top

The PowerFresh 3-in-1 steam mop is so-called because it converts from a traditional mop to a portable handheld or extended-reach steamer, giving you three steam cleaners in one. The conventional mop setting is for your regular home cleaning. The portable handheld option is suitable for cleaning bathroom and kitchen sinks, toys, counters, microwaves, stoves, and even table tops. The extended reach option is ideal for cleaning ceiling fans, shower tops, and other hard-to-reach areas. This mop is your go-to irrespective of what you want to do.

Bissell steam mops are suitable for ceramic, linoleum, granite, marble, and hardwood floors. It has an on-demand steam trigger that lets you determine how much steam goes on your floors and surfaces. This steam acts as a natural sanitizer, as it can eliminate 99.99% of germs. The Bissell steam mops can also maneuver in tight spaces because of their swivel steering.

So what Is YOUR recommended vacuum and steam mops brand?

We can all agree that vacuum cleaners and steam mops help to make your life easier. You are welcome to share your best vacuum or steam mop brands with us in the comment section. And if you ever need professional home or office space cleaning, contact us here at Clean Tu Casa. We aim to please and are committed to giving your home and office spaces a professional and thorough clean that will satisfy you. Simply request your free quote today.

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