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November 10, 2023

Garage Cleaning and Organization Tips For Every Season

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Osi Egwuogu

For most of us, our garage is a place to store anything and everything. Halloween decorations? In the garage. Old gym equipment? Garage. That box of cords that you have no use for? Same place. This can be convenient, but without a thorough garage cleaning and organization, you might not have space to store your tree come Christmas.

But why is seasonal garage cleaning important? First off, the lack of clutter eliminates pest problems year-round. And even if they find their way into your garage, you can easily get rid of them cos they will have nowhere to hide. Regular garage cleaning and maintenance also give your garage a clean and organized look while creating enough space to store items or park your car. 

In this post, we’ll highlight why garage maintenance is necessary and the steps you can follow to maintain your garage all year round.

The Benefits Of A Well-Maintained Garage

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Believe it or not, 24% of homeowners are embarrassed to leave their garage doors open. Even worse is that 36% of Americans don’t park their cars in their garage because of… you guessed it. Clutter!

An organized garage benefits you in so many ways;

  1. Since most garages double as storage spaces, an organized garage saves you time as you don’t have to spend ages looking for items. 
  2. It keeps your home clean by discouraging critters and bugs from hiding in all the clutter. 
  3. It increases the value of your property. In a survey, 82% of the realtors stated that a disorganized garage leaves a negative impression on potential buyers. 
  4. A well-maintained garage is an energy-efficient garage. It does this by providing proper insulation and temperature regulation, reducing the workload on your home's HVAC system. A well-kept garage ensures you're not overusing energy for heating, cooling, and lighting, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills.

Fall Garage Cleaning And Organization

Fall is the most apparent season for a garage makeover. You’ll probably need to store outdoor furniture and tools and start shaking out Halloween and Christmas decorations. Plus, doing all that hard work in cool weather is more comfy than in warmer seasons.

Here are the steps to take for your fall garage cleaning:

  1. Cleaning and Decluttering:

Decluttering your garage is an essential part of fall garage cleaning. Get rid of anything that you don’t need. This frees up space for indoor parking and storage. It also makes your garage safer by eliminating possible tripping hazards.

After decluttering comes cleaning. Gotta make sure all that exposed space is spic and span. Dust all surfaces and give the garage a thorough sweep and hose down. You should also remove any cobwebs and pests' nests you find.

  1. Storing Seasonal Items:

You need to store fall-specific items in such a way that they are easily accessible. For your fall garage storage, things you won’t often need, like garden hoses and outdoor grills, should be safely tucked away. In contrast, rakes, shears, and wheelbarrows should be easily accessible. 

Winter Garage Preparation

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Remember to prep your garage for the winter to protect and preserve all the items stored in it.

  1. Winterizing Your Garage:

This means weatherproofing your garage to be safe from the harsh winter elements. This is important because the cold can damage all the equipment stored in the garage, leading to expensive repairs or even replacements.

The first step is to insulate the garage's doors, ceilings, walls, and windows. Seal any cracks and small openings. Apply caulking around the interior of your windowpanes, use an exterior seal to fill in any exterior cracks, and use fiberglass insulation for any internal cracks and openings.

  1. Vehicle Maintenance:

Winter vehicle care is necessary to increase the lifespan of your car as well as eliminate your chances of getting stranded.

Check your car lights, battery, windshield wipers, tire pressure, tread depth, and brakes to ensure that they are operating optimally so you don’t get stuck in a blizzard due to a car breakdown.

The protocol is similar if you want to store your car in the garage for the winter instead. First and foremost, get your car serviced. Disconnect the battery and keep it warm to prevent the fluids from freezing (never place your car battery on a concrete floor as this drains the battery). Leave some gas in the tank to prevent air and moisture from entering the gas tank. Close off entry points such as vents, windows, and exhaust pipes to keep dust and pests away from your car.

  1. Snow Removal Gear:

Snow removal equipment such as snow shovels, salt, and other winter tools should be easily accessible.

Spring Garage Cleaning And Organization

Spring cleaning isn’t meant for just the interior of your home. Your garage deserves some attention too.

  1. Refreshing Your Space:

Spring garage cleaning is necessary, and it includes sweeping, dusting, and reorganizing the entire garage.

Everything in your garage should be sorted into categories. This will help you know which items you should keep and which should be tossed out.  Sorting all your things into categories also makes storing and finding them more manageable. Bins, labels, and clear jars will make that job even much easier. Consider installing shelves to maximize storage space.

  1. Outdoor Equipment Access:

For your spring outdoor gear storage, you need to use the earlier discussed method for fall and winter. All season-specific gear should be kept in front, while items that are not needed should be safely stowed away.

Outdoor equipment can take up a lot of space. So, create a special area for them by installing wall-mounted racks or hooks for easy storage.

Summer Garage Organization

  1. Summer Recreation Gear:

The same rule applies. Summer sports equipment, pool supplies, outdoor toys, and other recreation gear or summer-specific items should be organized and kept within easy reach. 

Consider installing wall-mounted racks and hooks specially designed for your gear. This frees up extra space, prevents the equipment from getting damaged or lost, and leaves your garage well-organized.

  1. Home Improvement Projects:

Everyone loves a good DIY project, and summer is one season when we all try our hands on something new. Consider setting up your workspace for summer in your garage to keep your home from getting cluttered. Your DIY tools should be neatly organized in bins, shelves, and racks in your designated workspace. 

Maintaining Order Year-Round

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  1. Regular Garage Cleaning and Maintenance Routine

Here are a few tips to help with your year-round garage maintenance;

  1. Create zones in your garage. Everything should have its place to keep your garage from turning into a dumping ground.
  2. Invest in cabinets, pegboards, shelves, slatwall systems, and bins. They help to maximize storage.
  3. Keep things off the garage floor to create enough room for your car.
  4. Your garage should be organized seasonally so that necessary items are readily accessible while unnecessary ones are safely stored away.
  5. Keep it clean by keeping some cleaning equipment handy, such as a broom, dust pan, vacuum cleaner, and kitty litter for absorbing oil and grease spills.
  6. Don’t keep edibles such as pet food in the garage, as it could attract pests.
  1. Garage Safety and Security

To ensure garage security, always lock your garage door and windows unless you are inside. Keep the garage doors and windows locked even if you are in or around the house because break-ins could happen anytime. Invest in good door and window locks.


Seasonal garage cleaning and organization has a lot of benefits. It saves time and money while giving you an enviable garage. It also helps protect your equipment, eliminating costly repairs or replacements. 

So, if you are a homeowner interested in improving your garage's aesthetic, functionality, and longevity, the tips in this simple but comprehensive guide are for you😉.

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