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July 12, 2023

Celebrate National Simplicity Day With These Simple Office Cleaning Rules

Written By
Osi Egwuogu

Welcome to National Simplicity Day! This special day celebrates the beauty of simplicity in our lives, including our office spaces. A clean and organized workplace not only enhances productivity but also promotes a sense of calm and clarity. In honor of this occasion, let's explore some practical and effective cleaning rules you can enforce in your office to create a clutter-free environment that fosters efficiency and well-being.

A. Clearing the Clutter

corporate cleaning team cleaning an office

Imagine a workspace free from unnecessary items and distractions. It will be the literal hub of productivity if there ever was one. And decluttering is the first step towards achieving a simplified office environment. Here’s how you can get that done:

1. Assess and Sort: Encourage your team to review their workstations, cabinets, and storage areas. Everyone should determine what items are necessary for daily work and what can be removed or stored elsewhere. Sort items into categories like "Keep," "Donate," or "Discard."

2. Organize Essentials: Designate areas for essential items, such as stationery, documents, and office supplies. Use trays, folders, and storage containers to keep things organized and easily accessible.

3. Create a Filing System: Implement a simple filing system for important documents. Label folders clearly and use color coding for easy identification. Store them in a dedicated filing cabinet or drawer.

B. Clean as You Go

The concept of "clean as you go" is a powerful habit to incorporate into your daily routine. Encourage your colleagues to take responsibility for their personal spaces and shared areas by tidying up after themselves. Below are some practical ways to ensure this:

1. Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy: Provide each team member with a small cleaning kit containing disinfectant wipes, a microfiber cloth, and a small broom and dustpan. Encourage them to keep it within reach for quick and convenient cleaning in their space.

2. Wipe Down Surfaces: Encourage employees to regularly wipe down their desks, including keyboards, mouse, and phones, using the disinfectant wipes provided. This helps maintain a clean and hygienic workspace.

3. Clean Up After Meals: Staff should always clean up after themselves in shared areas like the kitchen or break room. This includes washing dishes, wiping countertops, and disposing of food waste properly.

C. Implementing a Daily Cleaning Routine

A structured cleaning routine can work wonders in maintaining office cleanliness. Simply follow the steps below to introduce it in your corporate space:

1. Develop a Checklist: Create a simple checklist that outlines daily cleaning tasks, such as wiping down desks, sanitizing shared surfaces, emptying trash bins, and restocking supplies. Make sure the checklist is visible and easily accessible to everyone.

2. Assign Cleaning Responsibilities: Divide cleaning responsibilities among team members on a rotational basis. This ensures that everyone contributes to maintaining a clean and organized office space.

3. Set Reminders: Consider using digital tools or communication platforms to send daily cleaning reminders to the team. This helps reinforce the importance of cleanliness and ensures tasks are not overlooked.

D. Promoting Hygiene and Sanitation:

hero person washing hand with soap under a tap

Cleanliness goes hand in hand with team member health and well-being. To promote optimal health, your team has to maintain good hygiene practices, and you can adopt these tips below to encourage them:

1. Handwashing Stations: Ensure handwashing stations are well-stocked with soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. Place signs reminding employees to wash their hands frequently.

2. Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces: Regularly disinfect high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, shared equipment, and communal areas like conference tables. Provide disinfectant sprays or wipes in convenient locations.

3. Encourage Sick Leave: Promote a culture where employees feel comfortable taking sick leave when unwell. This helps prevent the spread of germs and maintains a healthier office environment.

E. Going Green with Cleaning Products

In line with celebrating simplicity, consider adopting eco-friendly cleaning products. Traditional cleaning agents can contain harsh chemicals that not only harm the environment but also impact indoor air quality. By choosing green alternatives, you reduce your ecological footprint while creating a healthier workspace for your team. To effectively promote green cleaning, you should:

1. Research Eco-Friendly Alternatives: Look for eco-friendly cleaning products free from harsh chemicals and biodegradable. Research brands that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility.

2. Educate and Train: Provide information and training to your employees about the benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning products. Encourage them to make conscious choices that align with your office's commitment to sustainability.

3. Implement Recycling Programs: Set up recycling stations throughout the office, including designated bins for paper, plastic, and glass. Clearly label each bin and educate employees about the importance of recycling.

Ways to Celebrate National Simplicity Day

Embrace the spirit of National Simplicity Day by encouraging your employees to simplify their workspaces and daily routines. Consider organizing a fun team activity or contest focused on decluttering or cleanliness. It could be a "Tidy Desk" challenge or a collaborative effort to revamp common areas. Celebrating National Simplicity Day together reinforces the importance of simplicity, cleanliness, and organization in the workplace.


As we celebrate National Simplicity Day, let's embrace the idea that less is more. Implementing these practical cleaning rules in your office creates an environment that promotes efficiency, creativity, and well-being. A clutter-free workspace improves productivity and enhances team member morale and satisfaction. So, let's declutter, clean as we go, and celebrate the joy of simplicity in our office spaces. Happy National Simplicity Day!

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