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November 10, 2022

Quick Guide to Yard Maintenance for Seniors this fall

Written By
Osi Egwuogu

The fall season is always a fantastic experience. With the beautiful leaves, the cozy temperature, and the abundance of fresh groceries in the farmers market, it's a lovely time for everyone. 

But one of the biggest challenges that come with fall is yard work. And we’re not just talking about cleaning the falling leaves. Getting your yard decluttered and cleaned early in the fall is ideal before the temperature drops, and things get frozen in place. It also gets your home ready for the incoming winter and holiday decorations. 

As an older adult living independently, these chores might come off as stressful and burdensome to you when done alone, so you might need some help to make the process much more fun and bearable. We’ve listed efficient ways to get help for your yard maintenance in anticipation of the holidays.

Three ways seniors can get their yard work done this fall

  • By loved ones: There's nothing like having your yard cleaned by your family and friends. It is usually one of the best ways to de-stress and spend time with them. Here's a checklist to help guide your loved ones to provide the best lawn care for seniors:
    • Keep tripping hazards like hoses and gardening tools safely stored away. Add more soil or pave stepping stones to uneven areas to prevent falls. 
    • Prevent pests by placing pest repellants near seating areas and keeping wasp-killing sprays nearby if needed. 
    • Light up your yard with bright porch and solar lights along the walkways for the coming dark and cold months. 
    • Turn off outdoor water systems, drain sprinklers and clear out the gutters. This will protect your drainage system when temperatures drop.
    • Remove organic debris like dead leaves and shrubs, weeds, and trees. 
    • Ensure the sheds and housing areas are safe. Inspect all the roofs, windows, and door seals. 
    • Keep your plants and grass from freezing by protecting them with mulch and fertilizer. Aerating your lawn would also help it heal quickly after the fall season.
gardener cuts weeds
  1. Get external help: If, for any reason, your loved ones can’t make it, hiring a professional yard and lawn maintenance service provider in your area might come in handy. Check your local area directories or newspapers for adverts for those who offer yard maintenance for seniors around you. A Gardenscape is a fantastic landscaping and lawn maintenance company in the Metro Atlanta area. Just make sure you know the square footage of your lawn before you call the professionals because they’ll most likely need that information right off the bat. 
  1. Opt for Free Yard Work: Some organizations and community groups offer free yard work services for seniors.  You can contact these organizations to enjoy these privileges. A good example is Raising Men and Women Lawncare Service.  This volunteer organization teaches young girls and boys to offer volunteer yard work for seniors, therefore instilling good values in them by connecting them with older adults who need some help. 

These three options are your best bet to ensuring your yard is fall-ready, so you can move on to other tasks that will help get your home in the right spirit this holiday. You can always contact Clean Tu Casa for home cleaning or organization services. Our skilled team can help clean and organize your home and go on errands for you. You can reach out to us for your free quote today. 

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