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December 27, 2023

Important Tips For Cleaning And Storing Office Holiday Decorations

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Osi Egwuogu

The workplace during the holiday season is the definition of festive joy and happiness – from twinkling lights to cubicle ornaments to conference room décor, the air is usually filled with cheer. However, when the holiday fervor wanes, and life returns to that slow pre-festivity grind, all those office holiday decorations will begin to look awkward hanging there. Then, you’ll have to figure out how to clean and store them. But thankfully, we’ve already got that covered for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of holiday décor cleaning and office décor storage to ensure a seamless transition back to a sparkling workspace next year. 

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Cleaning Cubicle Ornaments

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  1. Dusting 

Always start by getting rid of any dust that might have gathered over time on your decor. The best way to handle cubicle ornament dusting is to be delicate and gentle, especially on the more fragile ones. The recommended equipment for dusting the ornaments includes soft brushes or microfiber clothes to avoid causing any damage. 

  1. Wiping Down Surfaces

Next is wiping clean. Cubicle decorations come in various materials, each demanding a unique cleaning approach. For wood, you should use a mild wood cleaner to restore its natural luster. An all-purpose cleaner can be used for plastic surfaces. In contrast, a commercial glass cleaner or a combination of white vinegar and some water can be used for glass surfaces. These cleaners should be used with microfiber clothes to prevent streaks. 

  1. Disinfecting High-Touch Areas

As you clean, it is essential to disinfect the decorations that are in the high-touch areas of the office and around the work cubicles, like the door handles and knobs or desk edges. Your cleaning efforts must extend beyond aesthetics. Make sure you disinfect cubicle décor as part of the overall hygienic approach to cleaning and promoting a healthier workplace. You can do this by using disinfectant wipes, sprays, or adding disinfectant liquids into some water and then wiping surfaces with it.

Cleaning Communal Decorations

Now, let’s focus on cleaning decorations in shared office spaces.

  1. Use Safe Cleaning Agents for Shared Spaces

Communal décor cleaning should be done conveniently for everyone in the office. This is why non-allergenic and environmentally safe cleaners are best for health-conscious shared spaces. There are several commercial eco-friendly cleaning products your office can consider getting to maintain a comfortable environment for everyone.

  1. Coordinate Cleaning Efforts

You can encourage a sense of unity among colleagues by coordinating efforts in cleaning shared decorations. Not only does this boost a collaborative spirit, but it also makes the process more efficient and enjoyable. Office décor storing and cleaning up together can be a team-building activity that extends the holiday camaraderie a bit longer.

Storing Office Holiday Decorations

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After cleaning the decorations for your cubicle, you should store them properly to ensure they are available and in good form for next year's festivities. Here are some tips;

  1. Individual Storage Containers

Each décor item should be sorted and stored in labeled containers for easy packing and retrieval. This streamlines the storage process and ensures that unpacking next year is a breeze for you, as every item will have its place.

  1. Avoiding Tangling of Lights and Wires

Few things are more annoying than a box of tangled holiday lights. The key to preventing this is to avoid tangling the lights and wires in the first place before packing. Light storage tips begin with using an organizer, cardboard pieces, or a hanger to wrap the lights so they don't tangle and create a nuisance when needed next year. Using these specialized storage solutions will save time and money spent untangling or replacing these lights.

  1. Securing Fragile Items

Delicate cubicle ornaments deserve special care during storage. The best way is to use cushioning techniques to protect them from the rigors of moving and storage. You’ve got many options, but the best include using bubble wrap or placing them in individual compartments within storage containers. 

  1. Proper Labeling for Easy Retrieval 

Nothing beats an organized and labeled storage area. Clear labels should be used to indicate where the decorations are stored. This efficient storage system ensures easy recognition and retrieval at any time. 


By following these essential tips for cleaning and storing office holiday decor, you preserve the life of your decorations and ensure they’ll be there to celebrate many more New Years with you. Collaborate with your colleagues, embrace the spirit of the holidays, and may your office cleanup be joyful and stress-free. Happy Holidays.

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