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November 11, 2022

Moving in Fall: Everything You Need to Know

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Osi Egwuogu

Leaving an old place for a new one is exciting but hardly easy. Leaving a familiar town or area you’ve either grown in or lived in for years is difficult. Just the process of packing up and moving out can be scary. But then again, change is inevitable, and a new place gives you the opportunity to make new friends, gain new experiences, and develop your life for the better. 

People consider many factors before deciding when to move out of an area, and the season is one of them. For various reasons, you may prefer to move in a particular season. We’ve come up with this simple guide for you if you plan on moving in fall.

Is Fall A Good Time To Move?

The peak moving season falls between April through September. A lot of people believe this is the best time to move out for many reasons. Autumn season may not fall within that time range, but you’ll be surprised to find that it could still be a great time to move, especially for younger adults. Here are some of the reasons that make moving out in fall excellent.

  • Pleasant Weather
trees of bright color leaves in a park with people admiring them

Fall brings with it a much-needed balance, being between summer and winter. It's neither too scorching nor freezing in the fall. Moving out requires carrying a lot of stuff, most of which will weigh a ton. In the summer, you'll worry about sweating; in winter, you'll worry about the stress of moving through layers of snow. Thankfully, fall's mild weather makes moving less exhausting and worrisome. You can even find friends willing to help you out because they know the weather’s good.

  • Lower Moving Costs

Most people don’t move out in the fall, so moving companies and rental truck businesses are free during this time. With less demand, these businesses are more willing to negotiate and reduce prices to ensure you use their services. You can get reputable movers at a discount and on a date that works best for you. Even better is that you'll receive quality service because they aren’t in a rush to go anywhere else or tired from a previous job.

  • Convenience

Most families prefer not to move in the fall because that's when most schools start. But that’s not the case for young professionals or college graduates leaving home. On the contrary, moving out that season will be convenient and stress-free. Traveling between states during peak moving or holiday seasons can be a pain. There’s usually insane traffic and increased prices of products. Meanwhile, you’ll not have to deal with much traffic with a fall move. You’ll also have time to settle in and familiarize yourself with your new environment before Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

As excellent as moving in the fall is, you’ll still need to deal with a few challenges. Those challenges include rainy weather, time difference, and falling leaves. But you’ll be fine if you know some hacks for moving out in the fall.

Tips For Moving In Fall

Although there are certain things you cannot control, following through with the tips below will make your fall move-out easier and more successful.

  • Fix A Good Date

It’s okay to pick any day you may find convenient to move out. However, setting your move for well before the holidays is better and advisable. That will give you enough time to settle in and get the hang of your new home and town before the winter holidays. If you’re moving because of a new job, it’s also a great idea to fix a date at least a week before your work resumption date. 

You will likely start getting great deals from moving companies in late September. It would be best if you also considered that when picking a time to move.

  • Prepare For The Chill

Fall is a great season, but it is also very chilly. Preparing for the season means you must take measures to accommodate any cold surprises when moving out of your old home and into a new one.

For the chill, ensure that your fall clothes come last when packing because you’ll need them the most on moving and arrival day. It's helpful to label the boxes containing your fall clothes so you can quickly find them. Keep a handbag within easy reach so you can shed or put something on when necessary.

  • Prepare For The Rain

Ensure you pack your items in waterproof bags like plastic bins and wraps before placing them in moving boxes. It'd also help to cover your carpets or rugs with a waterproof covering so you and the movers don’t get mud or moisture on them. It’s best if the movers park close to your entrance to reduce the distance from your house to the moving truck. You can follow up on weather forecasts to know if it'll rain. But no matter the forecast, always have a handy umbrella because the weather can be unpredictable.

  • Clear Walkway Of Leaves & Debris

It's incredible how something lovely can be harmful in a different situation. Fall leaves are beautiful with their multicolors and create stunning scenery for your house on a good day. However, those beautiful leaves can be dangerous on moving days. The leaves are often slippery, especially if it rained pretty recently. Therefore if you’re not cautious, you and the movers could slip and fall. 

This is why you should get rid of leaves around your home before move-in day, especially the ones on the pathway in front of the house. You could contract a professional to do this or handle it yourself before the movers arrive. It'd also help to keep a broom close by so you can quickly sweep any new leaves that fall.

  • Ensure Your New Home Is Ready With The Basics
tap water

Remember that you’re moving out of one home and into a new one. So as much as you need to get your old house ready for your move out, ensure that the new one is ready to receive you. Ensure your new home has the necessary water, electricity, and gas that you’ll need from the first day of moving in. Make all the necessary calls and arrangements with your service providers before you arrive. 

You’d also need the house to be clean before you start packing in, so dirt doesn’t get trapped under furniture or appliances. You could get this done or hire professional move in cleaning agencies to do it for you.

  • Always Be Time-Conscious

It's shorter days and longer nights in the fall. That means it gets darker earlier than usual. Therefore you should start moving out as early as possible to arrive at your new home before it gets too dark.

That’s all, folks… 

There may be other tips, but those listed above are the basics if you want to move out in the fall. 

But before you start enjoying your new home, it is essential to remember that you made a security deposit on your old house, and you can get it back. You will need to take a number of steps to get your security deposit back, and deep cleaning your old home is essential.

It's best to clean your old house after you’ve packed everything out. It’s usually a lot of work you cannot handle alone, so you can hire move-out cleaning companies to do the job for you. When it comes to move-out cleaning services, Atlanta has a vast array of options for different areas. If you’re moving out or into the Metro Atlanta area, Clean Tu Casa is here to help. 

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