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April 17, 2023

10 Essential Tasks To Optimize Your Spring Clean Checklist

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Osi Egwuogu

Spring has arrived, which means it's time to tackle that annual task of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is not only about cleaning but also about organizing and decluttering your home. With the right spring clean checklist, you can transform your home into a clean and organized space in no time.

So, what is included in a spring clean? Our guide below is all you need to plan and avoid overwhelm while spring cleaning. You can also download a printable spring cleaning pdf here.

Spring Clean Checklist

1. Clean the Baseboards

cleaning a baseboard

Baseboards are an often overlooked part of our homes that can accumulate dirt, dust, and grime over time. Spring cleaning your baseboards is necessary to restore them to their original beauty. Here’s how you can clean them out:

  • Use the brush hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt and dust.
  • Apply cleaning solution to a damp microfiber cloth and wipe down the baseboards.
  • Use a scrub brush to loosen stubborn dirt or grime gently.
  • Rinse the baseboards with a damp cloth and dry them with a clean one.
  • Touch up any scuffs or marks with a Magic Eraser or a damp cloth and some baking soda.

2. Vacuum and Clean Air Vents

cleaning air vents with a vacuum

While spring cleaning, paying attention to your home's air quality is essential, which means cleaning your air vents. Dirty air vents can circulate dust, allergens, and other particles throughout your home, affecting your family's health and well-being.

  • Turn off the power to your HVAC system.
  • Remove the vent covers and clean them with warm soapy water or vinegar and water solution.
  • Vacuum the inside of the air ducts with a hose attachment.
  • Check and replace the air filter if needed.
  • Reinstall the vent covers.

3. Don’t forget Doors and Light Switches

cleaning the door of a house

Spring cleaning isn't just about the big tasks - it's essential to pay attention to the little details, too, like your doors and light switches. Here's how to clean them:

  • Wipe down the door and switch surfaces with a dry cloth to remove loose dirt and dust
  • Use a sponge or soft-bristled brush dipped in a cleaning solution to scrub away grime
  • Clean hard-to-reach areas, like the edges and corners around the light switch plate, with a toothbrush or cotton swab
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down the surfaces and a dry cloth to remove excess moisture that can cause water damage

4. Give Some Attention to Your Shower Heads and Walls

cleaning shower heads and walls

Are you ready to transform your bathroom from grime to shine? It's time to tackle the shower heads and walls with these easy spring cleaning tips. You could also review our article on essential bathroom cleaning tips for more insight.

Shower Heads:

  • Remove your shower head and soak it in a bag of white vinegar for an hour.
  • Scrub away any remaining buildup with a soft-bristled brush.
  • Reattach your shower head and run water through it to rinse.

Shower Walls:

  • Spray your walls with a cleaning solution. At Clean Tu Casa, we prefer SprayAway glass cleaner for glass walls or Soft Scrub with bleach cleanser.
  • Scrub away the dirt and mildew with a scrub brush.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and squeegee off excess moisture.
  • Use a dry towel or squeegee to remove any remaining moisture.

5. Don’t Forget to Clean Grout Lines

cleaning grout lines

Grout lines are very porous and get dirty fairly quickly. You should always ensure you include cleaning them in your spring cleaning checklist. Here is how you can do that:

  • Sweep or vacuum the area to remove any loose debris and dust.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to the grout, let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrub with a brush. Alternatively, use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean the grout area effectively.
  • Rinse the area with water to remove any remaining dirt and cleaning solution.
  • Once dry, apply a grout sealer to protect against future stains.

Tips for Maintaining Clean Grout

  • Wipe down your tiles and grout regularly.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.
  • Use a squeegee or towel to remove excess moisture.

6. Give Your Kitchen Backsplash Some TLC

cleaning kitchen backsplash

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and your backsplash is the unsung hero that keeps it looking clean and inviting. But grease and dirt can build up over time, making your once-pristine backsplash look dingy and unclean. Here's how to spring clean your kitchen backsplash and restore it to its former glory:

  • Remove any loose debris or dust from the backsplash. This will make it easier to focus on the areas that need more attention.
  • Mix warm water and dish soap, and then apply the solution to the backsplash using a soft sponge or cloth.
  • Scrub the backsplash with a toothbrush in a circular motion, focusing on any visible stains or discoloration.
  • Rinse the area with warm water and dry the backsplash with a microfiber cloth.

7. Clean Up Your Airfryer, Oven, and Toaster Oven

Cleaning Oven

Spring cleaning is a great time to give your appliances some much-needed attention. With the step-by-step instructions below, you can easily deep clean your devices and get them back to their pristine condition.


  • Remove the oven racks and soak them in hot soapy water to loosen any food debris.
  • Spray the oven cleaner inside the oven, covering all the surfaces. If you prefer a natural cleaning solution, mix baking soda and water into a paste and apply it with a sponge.
  • Use a sponge or scrub brush to remove the grime and stains. Pay extra attention to the corners and crevices where food debris can accumulate.
  • Once you've scrubbed away all the grime, rinse the oven with warm water and dry it thoroughly.
  • Read our post on oven cleaning for more detailed information.

Toaster Oven/ Air Fryer:

  • Unplug your toaster oven or air fryer before cleaning.
  • Take out the racks and crumb tray (for your toaster oven) or tray and basket (for your air fryer), and wash them well with hot soapy water. Pop them in the dishwasher if they're dishwasher-safe.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of your appliances, including the door and handle. If you come across any stubborn stains or greasy build-up, use vinegar or baking soda to remove them.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush or sponge to clean the appliance interior. Use a baking soda and water mixture to make a paste and scrub gently for tougher stains.
  • Wipe down the heating elements with a damp cloth to remove dust or debris. Ensure they are completely dry before you use the toaster oven or air fryer again.
  • Once everything is clean and dry, put everything back together and give your machine a test run.

8. Handle Refrigerator Cleaning and Organization

cleaning refrigerator

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to give your fridge a much-needed clean and organization. Here are all the steps to get your fridge looking and feeling great:

  • Empty your fridge and toss any expired or unnecessary items.
  • Clean each shelf and drawer with warm water and soap, removing spills and stains.
  • Use a baking soda solution to eliminate any lingering smells.
  • Organize your fridge by grouping similar items, placing the frequently used ones on the top shelf, and using clear bins or containers for small items and leftovers.
  • Label items and containers for easy access, and store raw meat and fish on the bottom shelf.
  • Finally, clean the exterior of your fridge, including the handle and door.

9. Organize Your Desk Drawers

Desk drawer organized

As you tackle your spring cleaning tasks, remember your desk drawer. A cluttered and disorganized desk drawer can negatively impact your productivity and increase stress levels, so follow these spring cleaning tips to get it in order:

  • Start by emptying the entire drawer and sorting through all the items.
  • Discard any unnecessary or broken items, and donate or recycle anything that is no longer useful to you.
  • Categorize your remaining items and group them with drawer dividers or organizers.
  • Utilize small containers, like jars or bowls, to keep small things like paper clips and rubber bands in place.
  • Label each drawer section to help you quickly find what you need.

10. Deep Clean Your Washer and Dryer

cleaning your dryer

Giving your washer and dryer some much-needed attention should be an essential part of your spring cleaning checklist. After all, these appliances work hard to keep your clothes clean and fresh all year long, so why not show them a little love in return?

  • Clean the lint trap in your dryer: A clogged lint trap can lead to longer drying times and even pose a fire hazard. Remove the lint trap and use a soft brush or vacuum to remove any lint and debris.
  • Wipe down the exterior of both appliances with a damp cloth: Use a gentle cleaning solution to wipe down the body of your washer and dryer. Pay special attention to any buttons or knobs that accumulate dirt over time.
  • Use a cleaning solution to remove any built-up grime from the washer drum: Over time, the inside of your washer can develop a buildup of dirt, grime, and detergent residue. Use a washing machine cleaner to deep clean the drum and eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • Run a hot water cycle with vinegar to disinfect the washer and remove any lingering odors: To really get your washer in top condition, run a hot water cycle with a cup of white vinegar. This will help kill any bacteria and remove any musty odors.
  • Clean the area around your appliances: Dirt can accumulate behind and beneath your washer and dryer, so use a vacuum or brush to clean these areas thoroughly.

How long should spring cleaning take?

cleaning tools

With so many tasks to tackle, from dusting and vacuuming to decluttering and deep cleaning, how long should spring cleaning take? The answer is, it depends!

You first have to consider the size of your home and the extent of the cleaning you want to do. Don't feel like you have to tackle everything all at once - break it down into manageable tasks and take it one step at a time. Prioritize the areas that are most important to you, or will have the most significant impact on your daily life. 

Even though spring cleaning can take some time, it can also be a fun and rewarding experience. Play your favorite music, take breaks when needed, and celebrate your progress. Ultimately, the goal is to create a clean and organized living space that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. So take your time and enjoy the process!

Here are some final spring cleaning tips for you to prepare for your clean:

  1. Make a Plan: Before you start cleaning, take some time to make a plan. Write down all the areas of your home that need to be cleaned and make a schedule for tackling each one. This will help you stay organized and motivated as you work through your spring cleaning.
  2. Gather Your Supplies: Once you have a plan in place, gather all the cleaning supplies you'll need. This may include things like cleaning solutions, rags, sponges, and brushes. Having everything you need in one place will help you stay focused and avoid distractions.
  3. Declutter: One of the most important parts of spring cleaning is decluttering. Go through each room in your home and get rid of anything you no longer need or use. This will not only make your home feel cleaner and more organized, but it will also give you more space to work with as you clean.
  4. Focus on the Details: As you clean each area of your home, don't forget to focus on the details. This may include things like dusting light fixtures, wiping down baseboards, and cleaning windows. These small tasks may seem insignificant, but they can make a big difference in the overall cleanliness of your home.
  5. Enlist help: Don't be afraid to ask for help from family members, friends, or even professional cleaners. Having extra hands on deck can make the process go more quickly and efficiently. 

In Summary…

Remember, spring cleaning doesn't have to be a daunting task. By breaking down the process into manageable chunks, decluttering, and following these helpful tips, you'll have your home sparkling clean in no time. With a fresh and organized living space, you'll feel renewed and energized for the season ahead. So put on your favorite tunes, grab your cleaning supplies, and let's get to it!

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