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January 25, 2023

5 Best Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom Effectively.

Written By
Osi Egwuogu

If there is one place in your home that requires maximum attention, it’s your bathroom. A clean bathroom is necessary for good health and hygiene and for scoring extra points with any guests you might have. However, there are a million and one tips for cleaning your bathroom, which could get confusing.

And once again, we’re here to your rescue. This blog post will provide a comprehensive guide on cleaning your bathroom effectively, including a cleaning checklist, cleaning tips, and some organizational strategies.

Tips for cleaning your bathroom

  1. Get a bathroom cleaning checklist

The first step in cleaning your bathroom is to make a list of the items and areas that need to be cleaned. This list will help ensure you don’t forget any part that needs your attention. A comprehensive bathroom cleaning checklist should include the following items:

  • Toilet (including under the rims and behind the toilet)
  • Sink and countertops
  • Shower and bathtub (including the shower heads and faucets)
  • Floors (not forgetting the grouts between tiles)
  • Mirrors
  • Windows and window sills
  • Trash 
  • Towels and linens (washing and folding)
  1. Don’t skip challenging areas

There are those parts of our bathroom that we never want to clean because of how difficult they can get. Unfortunately, skipping those areas while cleaning will only make things worse. It’s best to clean them at least once a week. Here are some of the least favorite and forgettable parts you might be avoiding:

  • Behind the toilet: If a lot of filth and grime has accumulated, try using a scrubbing brush. After that, spray the area with a potent disinfectant, such as bleach, and let it sit there for at least four minutes (do a spot test to ensure it won't harm your floors). Clean up the area with a towel, then mop the rest of your bathroom.
  • Shower curtains: Dirt on shower curtains can be removed easily with warm soapy water and some baking soda. You can run it on the gentle cycle in your washing machine or wash the curtain by hand.
  • Showerheads: Pour a solution of vinegar and baking soda into a plastic bag and tie the bag around your showerhead. Make sure the head is completely immersed in the water. Leave it for about 30 minutes, after which the dirt build-up will enter the water.
plastic sleeve full of water tied to a showerhead
  • Cleaning under shower bottles and soaps: It’s easy to forget to move the bottles on the counter while cleaning, which can easily lead to an accumulation of dirt. 
  1. Keep your bathroom well-ventilated
ventilation grid

Adequate bathroom ventilation provides proper air exchange, which is crucial because it easily removes hazardous particles, moisture, and fine dust from the space, as well as unpleasant scents and odors. Additionally, constant air exchange is the only way to stop mold growth. It also preserves your bathroom decorations and furniture.

Here are some ways to keep your bathroom airy:

  • Keep the windows open during and after your shower
  • Consider getting a dehumidifier
  • Install an extractor fan
  1. Always schedule a bathroom deep cleaning 

Deep cleaning your bathroom is essential for removing dirt, grime, and bacteria that regular cleaning may not reach. You can do this once a month or more frequently if your bathroom is used very often. 

When deep cleaning your bathroom, focus on the following areas:

  • Toilet: Use a toilet cleaner and a toilet brush to scrub the inside and outside of the toilet bowl, paying particular attention to the rim and base.
  • Sink and countertops: Clean the sink and countertops with a bathroom cleaner, paying attention to any stains or discolorations.
  • Shower and bathtub: Use a shower and bathtub cleaner to remove soap scum, mildew, and other buildups from the surfaces.
  • Floors: Use a floor cleaner and a mop or sponge to clean the tile or linoleum floors, paying attention to any grout lines.
  1. Organize your bathroom
organized bathroom

An organized bathroom is more visually appealing and much easier to keep clean. To organize your bathroom, try the following strategies:

  • Use storage containers and baskets to store items such as toiletries, towels, and linens.
  • Use a shower caddy or a hanging organizer to keep shower essentials within easy reach.
  • Use a towel rack or a towel bar to hang towels and linens. This will also dry them faster and will keep them from getting musty.
  • Use a medicine cabinet or a mirror with built-in shelves to store small items such as q-tips, cotton balls, and makeup.
  1. (Bonus) Don’t forget cleaning routines and supplies

Establishing a cleaning routine is essential to keep your bathroom clean. This routine should include regular cleaning tasks such as wiping down surfaces, cleaning the toilet, and sweeping or mopping the floor. 

Additionally, it's essential to stock up on bathroom cleaning supplies such as bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner, shower cleaner, and tile and grout cleaner. You can keep your bathroom clean and fresh all year round with the proper cleaning routine and supplies.

Final words

A clean bathroom is essential for maintaining good health and hygiene and ensuring a pleasant and relaxing environment. Following the tips and strategies outlined in this blog post can effectively clean and organize your bathroom. 

Remember to create a cleaning checklist, focus on deep cleaning critical areas of the bathroom, and use organizational strategies to keep things in place. Additionally, be consistent with your cleaning routine, stock up on cleaning supplies, and don't be afraid to ask for help. 

Clean Tu Casa is the cleaning service that will provide the best home cleaning and organization service for you. We offer professional cleaning services, whether one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Reach out to us for your free quote today.

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