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The holidays always come as a surprise to most of us. You are usually so occupied with many things that the impending visits from friends and family are totally forgotten. Time slips away, and before you know it, you have just one hour to put your ‘affairs’ in order before they show up. 

Your home says so much about you, so you want your guests to walk into a clean and lovely space. This will set the perfect tone for the rest of their stay in your home. But how do you present a pleasant home within such a short time frame without wildly overwhelming yourself?

This article will help streamline your efforts by showing you the priority areas to clean and how to do so in the shortest time possible just before your holiday guests arrive. You will achieve the target without exerting much if you do these right.

Priority areas and how to clean them

We will now show you five priority areas to clean just before holiday guests arrive. These will require minimal exertion and include;

  1. High-Touch Surfaces
doorknob is one of the priority areas to clean

You must clean those surfaces that visitors touch more than others. You must ensure to wipe down and disinfect such surfaces for aesthetic value and because you want your guests to stay healthy by limiting the spread of germs. Some of the areas you want to quickly wipe clean include;

  1. Entryway

Your entryway quite literally introduces your guests to your home, offering a first impression. There are some ways to quickly organize your entryway in anticipation;

  1. Bathrooms
image 25

This is one area you must not ignore because guests would likely call on the bathroom at some point. Here is a bullet list of quick things to do for the bathroom;

  1. Guest Rooms

This is mainly for overnight guests. Your guests will feel welcome to stay over if the guest room is in proper order. The simple ways to quickly prepare this include;

  1. Kitchen

This area is so important in hosting guests no matter the duration of their stay. Here, guests usually converse, try to help with the cooking, help themselves with beverages, or throw away trash. The simple ways to quickly clean are to;

With this guide, you’re well on your way to ensuring your guests don’t have to be uncomfortable in your home. You can follow these recommendations and simply call in the big guns after your guests have left. Clean Tu Casa is the cleaning service that will provide the best home cleaning and organisation service for you. We offer professional cleaning services, which could be one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Reach out to us for your free quote today.

Adulthood and its responsibilities can often make it challenging to fit a good workout into your schedule. You need to go to the gym and burn off some calories, but you don’t have the energy for anything intense after a stressful day, or perhaps you just don’t have the time.

You might have a lot on your plate, and twenty-four hours is just not enough to cook, clean, work, take care of your kids (if you have them), do the million other things you need to do, and still fit in a good workout, whether it is an indoor exercise or not.

Well, here’s some good news for you. Your house cleaning can serve as a substitute.

Does cleaning count as a workout?

image 21

You might be shocked to see your home cleaning being mentioned as an alternative to exercise. Your mind must be roaring the question, “Does housework count as exercise?”

Before or after a stressful day, you might need more motivation to sweat it out at the gym for thirty minutes to over an hour. You want a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. An exercise that won’t leave you completely exhausted. That is where your home cleaning comes in.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends about 150 minutes of moderate activity every week to stay healthy. Surprisingly, you can add your house cleaning to your goal of 150 minutes of moderate weekly exercise. Sitting on your couch, you burn about one calorie per minute, while cleaning efficiently burns about 3-4 times that amount. 

This shows that your house cleaning might just be the pocket Hercules you need to up your fitness game.

How many calories are burned during housework?

cleaning can be an indoor exercise

Below is a breakdown of the calories burned during cleaning for a 150-pound person. You can increase or decrease the numbers depending on your weight and the intensity of the cleaning exercise.

  1. Lawn mowing: When mowing your lawn, you use your entire upper body, especially the muscles in your back, shoulders, triceps, and biceps. This cleaning exercise burns about 375 calories per hour.
  1. Sweeping: This cleaning exercise is essential to your home cleaning, which you get to do very often. It works your shoulders, arms, and core and burns about 272 calories per hour.
  1. Gardening: Gardening is a full-body workout. As you weed, water, and plant in your garden, there is a lot of pulling and even pushing, which targets your arms, shoulders, and back. There is also some squatting, which targets your lower body. This cleaning exercise burns about 287 calories per hour.
  1. Car cleaning: When done correctly, including the inside and outside of the car, it can burn about 204 calories per hour.
  1. Mopping: Like with vacuuming, this is a common home cleaning activity. It targets the shoulders and the core, burning 248 calories per hour.
  1. Vacuuming: This home cleaning activity targets the core, shoulders and arms. It burns 176 calories per hour.
  1. Shoveling snow: TIf you’ve ever done this chore before, you’ll know it’s a full body strength training exercise. It targets your core, arms, shoulders, back, and lower body. This exercise burns a whopping 428 calories per hour.
  1. Moving furniture: When doing your spring cleaning or even during a move, moving your furniture burns about 409 calories per hour.
  1. Bathroom cleaning: Scrubbing your bathroom requires a lot of upper body strength and can make you break a sweat if done right. This home cleaning activity burns about 180 calories per hour.
  1. Washing the dishes: This requires you to stand for some time and involves movement of your upper body. This house chore burns about 164 calories per minute. The calories burned during cleaning your kitchen can be a tremendous motivating factor, especially during the holidays when the dishes are piled sky-high.

Tips to turn your home cleaning into a mini indoor exercise

You have seen that the answer to the question “Does housework count as exercise?” is YES!

Now the problem is how to make cleaning a workout. How you clean your home is a significant deciding factor in how many calories you burn during cleaning. Your house cleaning torches off the calories, but how do you turn it into the gym session you need? 

The key is intensity.

Here are some tips to help you get in a great workout as you go about your house cleaning.

  1. Set a timer: A timer can set your brain into panic mode. When you place a timer for yourself, you push yourself to be faster, thereby bumping up the intensity of your cleaning exercise.
  1. Listen to fast/ upbeat music: This gets you in the groove, and you automatically work faster as you tend to work to the beat of the song. Throwing in some dance moves is a huge plus, as dancing on its own is a great workout.
  1. Use wearable weights: Weighted vests and ankle weights help bump up the intensity of your cleaning exercise, which ultimately results in more calories burned during cleaning.
  1. Use proper body mechanics: It is essential to engage your core and maintain good body posture while doing your house cleaning as it helps to engage the muscle groups required properly. Keeping good form, and the mind-to-muscle connection is critical here.
  2. Ditch your cleaning caddy: It is a good idea to take only some of the items you need for your cleaning exercise at a time. This way, you must walk to and fro to get additional cleaning materials, . This is especially great if you have stairs.

In summary…

Your house cleaning is a perfect way to make up for your skipped session at the gym. Remember that intensity is key as you carry out your cleaning exercise. Also note that this should not be treated as a primary form of exercise if your goal is to lose weight.

However, if you still need to go to the gym to get in that workout, Clean Tu Casa has your back. We offer professional cleaning services, which could be one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Reach out to us for your free quote today.

Yay, it's the holiday season again! One sweet thing about the holidays is that you'll get time off from work and more quality time with your loved ones. However, this could also mean a busy house with guests you must attend to. So what better time to impress your guests than now, and what simpler way than with a towel-folding trick? 

It might not sound like much, but a beautifully-folded towel can put a smile on your guests' faces. Also, how you fold your towels leaves a great impression on your guests, so it's best to learn some towel-folding tips early to dazzle them.

Easy Towel-Folding Techniques

If you’ve been trying to learn how to fold towels, it’s really not so hard. It’s also one of many fantastic storage tips that could help when you need more space in your home. Learning the following techniques will improve your towel-folding game, give your bathroom a good look and feel, and leave your guests impressed.

  1. The Third-Fold Technique: 
space saving towel-folding trick

 With this folding technique, you will end up with a compact, space-saving fold with this method. Therefore, it is excellent if you love keeping your towels on an open shelf. It goes like this:

You can head down to Joyful Derivatives for a detailed guide with pictures.

  1. The Pocket & Fan Technique 
image 18

This method requires a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth. Yes, you’ll need three towels, but this folding technique is still really simple. Here’s how to do it:

If you still need more clarification, head to angelpeach838 for a more detailed guide with images. 

  1. The Roll Technique
image 20

This technique was made famous by spas. It’s even more space-saving than the first technique. Here's how to do it.

For more clarification, this video by Bedside Manor can guide you visually.

You can master how to fold towels using any of the above techniques. Besides helping impress your guests, they’ll also help save space and improve the overall organization of your house. Therefore, you can apply the above folding techniques as storage tips. Storage and organization don't go beyond doing those simple and essential things to ensure our space look and feels the best. However, if you don’t have the time or prefer professional organizing services, Clean Tu Casa is here to handle your organization needs. Get your free quote today!

Our brains are wired to associate smells with memory. We remember the wonderful aroma of turkey filling the entire house when we think of Thanksgiving. And when we think of Christmas, we remember that our home smells of cinnamon, pine, peppermints, vanilla, and cloves. Holiday smells always bring back memories of the fantastic times we shared with loved ones.

Memorable fragrances affect our emotions positively. And with just the right scents, you can make your home smell special in the coming holidays.

How to transform your home's scent

Here are tips to fill your home with holiday smells.

  1. Use essential oils

A mixture of essential oils such as myrrh, cypress, cinnamon, and wild oranges is essential. You can put this mixture into a diffuser or a bowl of pine cones. A few drops of the oil mixture can be added to water in a spray bottle and sprayed around the house. You can apply a few drops to your carpets during your holiday cleaning or even add them to the bottom of garbage bags to keep bad smells away. You can also add a few drops of the essential oil mixture to your laundry so that your sheets can smell like the holidays, especially as you lay down on them to relax.

  1. Scented candles
scented candle to make home smell like holidays

You can get scented candles in your favorite holiday scents and keep them in various parts of your house. It is essential not to go crazy by getting every scent you lay your eyes on because too many different smells might get overwhelming. Get two scents you love and place them around your home. Don’t forget to put some in your bathrooms as well.

  1. Use actual greenery

Get a real pine tree instead of an artificial one to fill your house with the nostalgic smell of pine. Make your wreaths and garlands with actual greenery, and remember to get some cinnamon and cloves in there for that beautiful holiday smell. 

  1. Use holiday-scented soap

Swap your regular soap for soaps with pine or cypress scents. Do the same for your hand and even body soaps. This makes you and your guests smell just like the holidays. You can buy some online or learn how to make them.

  1. Simmer a pot
image 17

For a beautiful burst of the holiday smells you know and love, put some cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, orange, and apple peels in water and simmer on low heat. Ensure to leave the pot open, and never leave the stove unattended. 

  1. Baking

This tip is key to getting the holiday smells into every part of your home. Gingerbread houses, sugar cookies, s’mores, black forest cakes, brownies, and all your other Christmas desserts will do the trick wonderfully.

  1. Make pomander balls

Get oranges, and puncture them in several places with a toothpick. Add cloves into the holes. You can put these into a bowl to use as a centerpiece or hang them around your house.

Final words...

Prepping for the holidays can be very hectic as there are many things to tick off your to-do list. You need to go holiday shopping, get presents, and wrap them. You also need to do your holiday cooking, baking, decorating,  and holiday cleaning. This can make your holidays less fun as you are in a constant race against time.

However, Clean Tu Casa is here to ensure that does not happen. We will take the holiday cleaning and organizing off your to-do list, leaving you to enjoy the holiday experience with your family and friends fully. If you need help taking on the deep cleaning or any other forms of house cleaning and organization during the coming holidays, then you have ready help in us. You can trust us to deliver customized and timely service before and after the holiday celebrations. 

Leaving an old place for a new one is exciting but hardly easy. Leaving a familiar town or area you’ve either grown in or lived in for years is difficult. Just the process of packing up and moving out can be scary. But then again, change is inevitable, and a new place gives you the opportunity to make new friends, gain new experiences, and develop your life for the better. 

People consider many factors before deciding when to move out of an area, and the season is one of them. For various reasons, you may prefer to move in a particular season. We’ve come up with this simple guide for you if you plan on moving in fall.

Is Fall A Good Time To Move?

The peak moving season falls between April through September. A lot of people believe this is the best time to move out for many reasons. Autumn season may not fall within that time range, but you’ll be surprised to find that it could still be a great time to move, especially for younger adults. Here are some of the reasons that make moving out in fall excellent.

image 15

Fall brings with it a much-needed balance, being between summer and winter. It's neither too scorching nor freezing in the fall. Moving out requires carrying a lot of stuff, most of which will weigh a ton. In the summer, you'll worry about sweating; in winter, you'll worry about the stress of moving through layers of snow. Thankfully, fall's mild weather makes moving less exhausting and worrisome. You can even find friends willing to help you out because they know the weather’s good.

Most people don’t move out in the fall, so moving companies and rental truck businesses are free during this time. With less demand, these businesses are more willing to negotiate and reduce prices to ensure you use their services. You can get reputable movers at a discount and on a date that works best for you. Even better is that you'll receive quality service because they aren’t in a rush to go anywhere else or tired from a previous job.

Most families prefer not to move in the fall because that's when most schools start. But that’s not the case for young professionals or college graduates leaving home. On the contrary, moving out that season will be convenient and stress-free. Traveling between states during peak moving or holiday seasons can be a pain. There’s usually insane traffic and increased prices of products. Meanwhile, you’ll not have to deal with much traffic with a fall move. You’ll also have time to settle in and familiarize yourself with your new environment before Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

As excellent as moving in the fall is, you’ll still need to deal with a few challenges. Those challenges include rainy weather, time difference, and falling leaves. But you’ll be fine if you know some hacks for moving out in the fall.

Tips For Moving In Fall

Although there are certain things you cannot control, following through with the tips below will make your fall move-out easier and more successful.

It’s okay to pick any day you may find convenient to move out. However, setting your move for well before the holidays is better and advisable. That will give you enough time to settle in and get the hang of your new home and town before the winter holidays. If you’re moving because of a new job, it’s also a great idea to fix a date at least a week before your work resumption date. 

You will likely start getting great deals from moving companies in late September. It would be best if you also considered that when picking a time to move.

Fall is a great season, but it is also very chilly. Preparing for the season means you must take measures to accommodate any cold surprises when moving out of your old home and into a new one.

For the chill, ensure that your fall clothes come last when packing because you’ll need them the most on moving and arrival day. It's helpful to label the boxes containing your fall clothes so you can quickly find them. Keep a handbag within easy reach so you can shed or put something on when necessary.

Ensure you pack your items in waterproof bags like plastic bins and wraps before placing them in moving boxes. It'd also help to cover your carpets or rugs with a waterproof covering so you and the movers don’t get mud or moisture on them. It’s best if the movers park close to your entrance to reduce the distance from your house to the moving truck. You can follow up on weather forecasts to know if it'll rain. But no matter the forecast, always have a handy umbrella because the weather can be unpredictable.

It's incredible how something lovely can be harmful in a different situation. Fall leaves are beautiful with their multicolors and create stunning scenery for your house on a good day. However, those beautiful leaves can be dangerous on moving days. The leaves are often slippery, especially if it rained pretty recently. Therefore if you’re not cautious, you and the movers could slip and fall. 

This is why you should get rid of leaves around your home before move-in day, especially the ones on the pathway in front of the house. You could contract a professional to do this or handle it yourself before the movers arrive. It'd also help to keep a broom close by so you can quickly sweep any new leaves that fall.

water while moving in fall

Remember that you’re moving out of one home and into a new one. So as much as you need to get your old house ready for your move out, ensure that the new one is ready to receive you. Ensure your new home has the necessary water, electricity, and gas that you’ll need from the first day of moving in. Make all the necessary calls and arrangements with your service providers before you arrive. 

You’d also need the house to be clean before you start packing in, so dirt doesn’t get trapped under furniture or appliances. You could get this done or hire professional move in cleaning agencies to do it for you.

It's shorter days and longer nights in the fall. That means it gets darker earlier than usual. Therefore you should start moving out as early as possible to arrive at your new home before it gets too dark.

That’s all, folks… 

There may be other tips, but those listed above are the basics if you want to move out in the fall. 

But before you start enjoying your new home, it is essential to remember that you made a security deposit on your old house, and you can get it back. You will need to take a number of steps to get your security deposit back, and deep cleaning your old home is essential.

It's best to clean your old house after you’ve packed everything out. It’s usually a lot of work you cannot handle alone, so you can hire move-out cleaning companies to do the job for you. When it comes to move-out cleaning services, Atlanta has a vast array of options for different areas. If you’re moving out or into the Metro Atlanta area, Clean Tu Casa is here to help. 

Every year, you plan to be the best holiday host in the country. You may even want to be the best host in the world but let us stay modest. You strengthen your resolve and make plans early for your holiday-ready home. However, those months of quiet planning seem to fizzle out every year because the responsibilities of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year come hitting you simultaneously.

Getting your home ready for holiday guests can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have been planning, this article will help you better cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s.” And if you haven’t been prepping for hosting this holiday season, this checklist is the only thing you need to get your home spic and span without missing a spot. Let us dive right in!

Ten best ways to get your home holiday-ready and impress your guests

1. Start early

Your idea of “early” probably varies from ours, but it’s safe to say that you should start making your hosting plans by the beginning of November. After storing your Halloween decorations, let’s start thinking about the Big 3 (no one calls them that, by the way). You will want to begin by drawing up a simple plan of how many guests you expect and setting up a timeline for cleaning, cooking, and decorating. Knowing how many hands you wish to join your prepping ranks, including your children, spouse, or even help from outside sources, can be helpful. You can use a calendar app or a journal to plan.

Preparing in advance will keep you from scrambling at the last minute. Starting now will take the pressure of a rush from your shoulders and allow you to ease into the holidays stress-free.

2. Declutter

mTTyexGt6m4tWH6iNkNFjYMX4q7Btl ZgsZS7j40NVpbiik0jHZp41h3n2rjhSPYfvAv9gwdzwStGpnFyzUsdzcJyeEc1hbwMOCMtzetBKs3ppn0lHGGXirmieFVvkrDlTxFYjC2J0yopDe7mgePvsJ0HOZGyOStMYo ZOcG5gvDwN7a6uh 0irD0QAqK006

One of the best ways to be holiday-ready is to let go of all those items you have not used in so long and have no intention to use. You should take time to sort them and then keep, sell or make at least one person happy this holiday by donating them. There are a lot of donation centers in Atlanta, and you can also ask the Clean Tu Casa team if you need help choosing a goodwill center to donate to. 

Once the decluttering is out of the way, you will realize there is more space for decorations and guests’ items. It is also easier to clean and organize more effectively. While decluttering, organize your things systematically and give them designated spots, so they don’t create a mess.

3. Deep clean

It is now time to do some deep cleaning because holiday cleaning should always be in-depth. Deep cleaning at the season's beginning makes subsequent ones pretty effortless and routine. This particular clean has to be thorough and systematic. 

It is best to vacuum in a zig-zag pattern, wipe down surfaces, and clean nooks behind and under some of the heavy machinery like refrigerators, bed frames, dishwashers, and washing machines. 

4. Prepare the guest rooms

No, do not hyperventilate. It is easier than you think to get the guest rooms ready. Here are a few tips:

5. Check your utilities

sGcBzBLUUC6iXYYpuq0c0yAJ77TqEwumY8FIDfvKqJDDa4 a4TxBFHkIzmfVNFQUwT5mF1dicd1AEHTYzgKwP1KbPNYL6iTi4M1N3bp6K19FnkgHsWkT9Gj9Dj0LXa5yA7OkXLpo4 3pwcjVgD0V3

You must address some essentials this holiday season, which are better fixed earlier than later. These are air conditioning, heating, and water pressure. Getting professionals to check and put these in perfect condition would save you time and stress. But if you want to get it done yourself, here’s how:

6. Stock up on supplies

This one should go without saying, but we will say it regardless. It is necessary to make a comprehensive list of essentials you will need during the holiday season, including foodstuff, toiletries, decoration materials, scents, gifts, and others. This will save you from repeated shopping trips, using time and energy better spent entertaining your guests and getting well-deserved rest. This preemptive shopping will also help you beat the long mall queues that are bound to come this holiday season.

7. Put up decorations

Decorating will always be the activity that takes the fun crown. You can use it as a rewarding activity after all the holiday cleaning and shopping.

Here’s a suggestion you might want to try. Start simple with subtle decorations, like a simple wreath or some centerpieces on the table. Then gradually build the crescendo until you bring it all out on Christmas Eve. It will make you maintain an air of mystery while keeping the holiday mood alive and well.

8. Scent up

scents for a holiday-ready home

Good scents significantly affect mood and stress levels, primarily inducing happiness and relaxation. This is what the holiday season is about - happiness and relaxation.

You can use scented candles, cinnamon sticks, or even orange slices on the stove. They will significantly improve the mood and set the scene for all the holidaying there can be. Fresh cookies and chocolates are also a great way to give your home that good ol’ holiday smell. 

9. Deep clean the kitchen

Food is one of the most critical determinants of memorable holidays. That is probably why the kitchen gets the most traffic, so your holiday cleaning process must prioritize the kitchen. You can do this yourself, or you can outsource. Whatever the case, the kitchen must be ready to work overtime to cater to your holiday guests.

Here are some tips you should consider;

10. Clean and sanitize the bathrooms

Start by dusting the flat surfaces, then clean the mirrors and glass. Move on to scrubbing the sinks and polishing the plumbing. Next, scrub the shower and bathtub. Then, disinfect the toilet and the walls behind it before cleaning it thoroughly. 

Ensure there is enough bathroom tissue, soap, and disposable hand towels. Finally, clean the bathroom floors after disinfection. 

This comprehensive checklist will prepare your home for whatever the season brings. If you need help taking on the deep cleaning or any other forms of house cleaning and organization during the coming holidays, then you have ready help in Clean Tu Casa. You can trust us to deliver customized and timely service before and after the holiday celebrations. 

The fall season is always a fantastic experience. With the beautiful leaves, the cozy temperature, and the abundance of fresh groceries in the farmers market, it's a lovely time for everyone. 

But one of the biggest challenges that come with fall is yard work. And we’re not just talking about cleaning the falling leaves. Getting your yard decluttered and cleaned early in the fall is ideal before the temperature drops, and things get frozen in place. It also gets your home ready for the incoming winter and holiday decorations. 

As an older adult living independently, these chores might come off as stressful and burdensome to you when done alone, so you might need some help to make the process much more fun and bearable. We’ve listed efficient ways to get help for your yard maintenance in anticipation of the holidays.

Three ways seniors can get their yard work done this fall

professional yard maintenance for seniors
  1. Get external help: If, for any reason, your loved ones can’t make it, hiring a professional yard and lawn maintenance service provider in your area might come in handy. Check your local area directories or newspapers for adverts for those who offer yard maintenance for seniors around you. A Gardenscape is a fantastic landscaping and lawn maintenance company in the Metro Atlanta area. Just make sure you know the square footage of your lawn before you call the professionals because they’ll most likely need that information right off the bat. 
  1. Opt for Free Yard Work: Some organizations and community groups offer free yard work services for seniors.  You can contact these organizations to enjoy these privileges. A good example is Raising Men and Women Lawncare Service.  This volunteer organization teaches young girls and boys to offer volunteer yard work for seniors, therefore instilling good values in them by connecting them with older adults who need some help. 

These three options are your best bet to ensuring your yard is fall-ready, so you can move on to other tasks that will help get your home in the right spirit this holiday. You can always contact Clean Tu Casa for home cleaning or organization services. Our skilled team can help clean and organize your home and go on errands for you. You can reach out to us for your free quote today. 

Fall is a season with promises of holidays and time with family. Memories of the holidays always bring up images of cozy fireplaces and the sweet smell of homemade pastries. Most family members typically visit their older relatives during these colder months. So, this early fall is the best time to clean an old room or two in anticipation of their visit.

And this is usually where older adults hit a snag. You have spare rooms available, but they are filled with clutter from the past year. It’s perfectly normal to keep items in a room you’re not using, especially if you think you’ll need them later. But right now, you have to make space for your visiting family members. 

To clean old rooms might seem like a huge task, so we have compiled a simple list to help you start. It doesn't matter if your home decor is minimalistic or colorful; following a simple to-do list will help you clean out the unused room in no time and get it ready for a merry holiday. 

  1. Work one step at a time

Most times, the biggest enemy of decluttering is the thought of decluttering. Thinking about everything to arrange, list, and move can easily overwhelm you.

Taking the process slowly, one step at a time, is necessary. This will reduce your stress levels and help you focus on precisely what you are doing.

You can pick out a couple of hours every week to start, and before you know it, you're done! 

  1. Start with three boxes
boxes to clean an old room

Use three boxes when sorting your items in the room. These boxes should be labeled: Keep, Throw out and Donate.

This will help you decide what you need and what you don't. You can always go through the boxes after you’re done to ensure you didn't misplace an item. You can also create a Maybe box where you can keep things you are not sure of their use. This way, you can always come back later to recheck the box. 

While cleaning your old room, work from one spot outwards. That way, you don’t risk tripping over anything lying around. Also, ensure to take periodic breaks. That’s the great thing about doing this early. There’s no rush. 

  1. No duplicates

Many homes have devices or items with twins around the house. Sometimes, you buy these items because the previous ones have been misplaced or as replacements just in case the old ones get faulty. But the old ones are either found or don’t get faulty. Then you find yourself swimming in a river of mugs, forks, scissors, knives, or towels, which you chuck into the old room. 

Getting rid of these extra items can help create more space for your visiting family. You can gift them to someone or donate them to goodwill centers around the Metro Atlanta area. 

  1. Enjoy the Process 
KNaH5yLvU9rPBAlzCSUGfA1T974nD4T3Pxqae75Av3ZXWzQJ S3QWiVwLlR6eCctb600mtZR4 yY kUfPmZhaE6kw4tTLTMQrdZDuGiN8o9nhu9tfV3xxbulAjF9MSNUk5yHtnO2ZY0BzynjR6ux0hS Ys6cSYZEL7M5MQUpXvruO9NgkjiHZo23nGXcPJeM

Giving yourself plenty of time to clean through also allows you to enjoy the process. You get the opportunity to reflect on past fond memories while you go through your old belongings.

While cleaning, take some time to look through your saved items and reflect on the memories you had with them. This tip will help you get through the process more easily and prepare you to let go of some of these belongings.  

Also, before trashing or donating any item, you can take pictures of them. This could help you hold on to those important memories without needing the actual object.

With the steps listed above, cleaning out an old room for use during the holidays would not be as hectic as you’d expect. And if it’ll be too much work to get it done yourself, Clean Tu Casa is always available to help. 

If you’re in the Metro Atlanta area, Clean Tu Casa provides house cleaning for seniors. Our skilled team can help clean and organize your home and go on errands for you. You can reach out to us for your free quote today. 

Everyone enjoys a clean, tidy home. That feeling of peace and tranquility an excellent ol’ house cleaning brings cuts across generations. But the whole cleaning process can get a bit tedious for older adults, especially if you can’t always get help from your loved ones. However, cleaning for seniors is necessary because a clean environment is ideal for older adults. Asides from the obvious lack of calm that a dirty house brings, dust, clutter, and dirt can be hazardous to your health.

Ultimately, you can’t escape cleaning your home, even if you’re a senior. So, here are ten hacks that will make cleaning easy and less demanding for you.

Ten Easy Cleaning Hacks for Older Adults 

  1. Create a cleaning checklist

Make a cleaning schedule that includes all the basic housework. Include as many weekly and daily activities as possible, and note any deep cleaning jobs that need some assistance. You can ask for help from a local cleaning service or caregiver while making this list. They can help you decide which tasks you can complete independently and which might call for assistance.

  1. Use brooms with long handles to reach higher areas.
cleaning for seniors with a long broom

Older people are at a higher risk of falling from ladders and sustaining life-threatening injuries. This is why caregivers and health practitioners advise older adults to avoid climbing ladders while cleaning and are told to use long brooms instead to clean areas that are difficult to reach. Using a broom to clean confined spaces can help you avoid back strain and save time. You can scrub baseboards and bathroom walls with a broom and cleaning supplies.

  1. Avoid cluttering your homes.

As someone advanced in age, you must have gathered a lot of knick-knacks throughout your life. Unfortunately, having many items in your home can pose a risk with time, as clutter could quickly become a tripping hazard. Get rid of mess to lower your chance of falling as much as you can. Additionally, decluttering will simplify cleaning and reduce the risk of injuries. It will also reduce hideouts for rodents and small animals like lizards, rats, and snakes. 

You can reduce clutter by donating stuff you don’t need to loved ones or goodwill centers. You can also sell items that still have value.

  1. Leave the heavy lifting for younger people.
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Don’t try to move large items or furniture on your own to avoid accidents that can be life-threatening. You can ask your friends and relatives to help you move any heavy objects. Alternatively, pay a professional to come in, clean, and rearrange furniture, so your home is organized without endangering your health.

  1. Use a lint roller for lampshades.

A popular tactic caregivers and relatives of older adults use to reduce the risk of falls is adding more lights to the walking path in the yard. The odd shape of all those lampshades makes them challenging to clean, and they usually gather a lot of dust because they’re outdoors. You can easily clean these lampshades by lightly rubbing them with a lint roller. 

  1. Keep your cleaning materials organized.

Maintain a safe, convenient location for all your cleaning products. Consider keeping a supply of cleaning supplies upstairs if you live in a multistorey house to avoid dragging cleaning equipment and tools up and down the stairs. You can also make your supplies more mobile by arranging them in a rolling cart. You should keep all the necessary supplies in this cart so you don’t have to keep moving back and forth when you need a particular brush or detergent. 

  1. Use natural substances like vinegar to remove limescale.
9uKsZCKjHOfQdl3oSNMoNA1dDA9FycikeJ Dqv4yK4AHPM CuGAucYMwiSarGF18T 4oUhykyDQllREHLNA 2cU8TMFDdRVpBq7yzJsew0zBETJtAa5JtANn6usEMUWCA9o0lr3VXNQ2pGh1feMxELiYv7E DBsFgiWoVJ9fW AVIM4UIqQZZttR5tDaYhg

Tough stains like limescale accumulate on kitchen and bathroom faucets and other fixtures and are very difficult to scrub off. You would have to use strong cleaning solutions to get rid of them.

Unfortunately, the strong chemicals in many cleaning solutions on the market could cause breathing issues for older people. But that doesn't mean you have to live with gross limescale messing up your bathroom and kitchen. Vinegar is an equally strong solution with few side effects that you can use to deal with limescale. 

Simply wrap the affected water fixture or object in a cloth dipped in vinegar. You’ll find that the limescale will dissolve without needing much effort. Additionally, you should always look for natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals to avoid exposure to allergens and protect your health.

  1. Get a great vacuum

The best thing about vacuum cleaners is that they are very versatile. They work on every type of floor and would clean up food particles, pollen, pet hair, allergen, loose debris, and almost every other kind of dirt you find in your home. They’re also better than sweeping because sweeping can lift these tiny particles into the air, which could easily affect your breathing or vision. 

Get a lightweight vacuum cleaner or an automatic one that will save you the stress of sweeping. 

  1. Invest in cleaning appliances.

The whole point of technology is to make life easier for people, so you should always take advantage of it. Dishwashers, washing machines, air purifiers, and robotic vacuum cleaners are easy-to-use appliances that can help you get the home cleaning done quickly.

You should make it a point to know everything your appliances can do because they typically have a wide range of applications. Some dishwashers can clean filters, screens, oven knobs and racks, refrigerator bins and shelves, and so much more. You can also use washing machines to clean some shoes, shower curtains, bags, and other items. Just ensure these items are machine-washable before you place them in.

  1.  Hire a professional home cleaning team.

A professional cleaning agency can be a lifesaver when you just can’t get your cleaning done for whatever reason. Home cleaning teams are professionally trained to leave your home looking spick and span. 

If you’re in the Metro Atlanta area, Clean Tu Casa provides house cleaning for seniors. Our skilled team can help clean and organize your home and go on errands for you. You can reach out to us for your free quote today. 


Summer has come to an end, and in its place, the season of cool weather and vibrant colors is here. Preparing on time for the low temperatures of this fall season is crucial. That way, you won’t miss any chance to enjoy the burst of fall colors in their red, orange, and brown hues, the taste of pumpkin spice in nearly everything, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot, and the ever-present nip in the air.

The first step to fully preparing to enjoy this fall is to ensure your closet is fall-ready. Time to swap your sandals for boots and t-shirts for coats as you switch from light summer wear to thicker fall clothes. Here are some best practices to make your fall closet organization easier.

  1. Completely Clear Out Your Closet 
closet organization

Chances are most of the clothes in your closet right now are for warmer seasons, so it’s best to start by taking out everything. A hack to getting this task done quickly is keeping the clothes in neat piles on your bed; that way, you will have to sort through them before you go to bed. 

You should go through your summer clothes and put those that could have sweat, sunscreen, and some other stain aside for re-washing. You don’t want to damage these clothes by storing them without ensuring they are clean. It’s also good to re-wash clothes from last fall because they have not been worn in a while and may have a funky smell. You could also use this opportunity to dry-clean your heavy jackets and coats, especially if you missed out on doing it last season. 

  1. Pick Out Old or Unwanted Items

This takes time, but it’s easy to do. To free up storage space, you have to pick out clothes or accessories you no longer want to wear, didn’t wear last season, don’t fit, or don’t seem like your kind of cloth anymore. Instead of being wasteful and throwing them out, you could sell them to someone who would appreciate them or donate them to goodwill. If you need help, the team at Clean Tu Casa has a list of goodwill donation centers in the Metro Atlanta Area.

  1. Store Your Summer Clothes
image 12

Clothes for every season can’t possibly fit in your closet space simultaneously. Even if you have a large closet, keeping all your seasonal clothes hung will make it difficult for you to find anything to wear. Also, you need to properly store clothes from previous seasons so they can last longer. 

You should line your storage bin, dresser, or cubicles with heavy paper or fabric sprayed with water and a few drops of peppermint oil to ensure that your clothes have a fresh smell and to keep winter pests away

Roll your shirts, blouses, and lightweight dresses instead of folding them to prevent wrinkling while in storage. To maintain the shape of dresses and fancier clothing, straighten and store them in a garment bag by either hanging up or laying flat. To avoid transference or color bleeding, you want to keep heavily dyed items separately from white clothes.

If you’re storing your clothes in the attic, keep them in garment bags, so moisture and weather elements don’t get to them. Or they can fit in an airtight storage bin under your bed. Cubicles, racks, or designated storage bins are perfect for storing summertime sandals, flip-flops, and flats.

  1. Hang up Fall Clothing

Spring isn’t the only ‘out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new’ season. After significantly hot temperatures, you’ll need to get specific when picking clothes for a colder season like fall. It’s time to fill your emptied-out closet with all the right gear. Before hanging up your clothes, you should ensure your closet is clean and pest-free by vacuuming. 

Organize and hang up your tank tops, short and long sleeves, cardigans, and others. You should hang your work clothes where you can quickly assess them. You can further sort your clothes by color and hang them in that order for easy browsing and selecting whenever your mood and color preference calls for it. You should fold sweaters and shelve them in your closet instead of hanging them to keep them from losing shape. 

You could use boot clips to hang boots in your closet to maintain their shape. You can keep heavy coats, winter scarves, gloves, and hats in your entryway to avoid clutter in your bedroom closet. Hanging them on individual hooks or getting an accessory organizer to place them on the side wall, on the back of the door, or in another spot within your line of sight is recommended.

  1. Light Up Your Closet
image 11

As the days get shorter and sunlight gets scarce, it’ll get harder to see things inside your closet. You can install overhead lights or buy small, battery-powered lights to brighten your wardrobe.

  1. Treat Yourself Kindly

Organizing your closet is hard work. It’s completely okay if you cannot handle it alone for one reason or the other. You don’t need to feel bad for seeking help, especially if you have the means to. You can opt for a professional organization service to create systems to keep your closet organized throughout the fall season.

What next?

There are many activities to look forward to in the fall. Camping outdoors, enjoying fall fruits and beverages, watching football and baseball games, the first frost, Halloween, and scary films are some exciting things this season.

Organizing your closet for this season allows you to have your warmer clothes within reach, so you don’t miss out on any of these activities. The tips above will help you as you start planning this new season. And if you’re in the Metro Atlanta area and you need help organizing, Clean Tu Casa is always at your service. Give us a call today!


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